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Home Safety Tips

If there’s one place that you should always feel safe, it’s your own home, especially if you want to leave your children home alone. Your home should be a place of refuge, privacy, and security. 

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Simple steps, like being careful about what you share online or putting in cavity fire barriers, can big a difference in how safe your home is. 

Store Medications Carefully

Of all the home safety tips you can put in place, this one could save your life. It’s very easy to accidentally overdose on prescription medications. They can cause drowsiness, confusion, and cravings for more. 

Be careful with any medication. Use a pill case with a timer, or ask a family member to help you with timing your doses of medicine. Be aware that burglars look for drugs. If you can medication, don’t dispose of the empty bottles in the trash or recycling. Instead, take them to a pharmacy the recycles pill bottles. 

Don’t mention that you are taking medication in front of those you don’t know. It’s wise not to share your medical situation with anyone who isn’t in your inner circle. 

Be Cautious In What You Share Online

People share a lot of information on social media sites, often unwittingly. Even if your profiles are protected, any hacker can still get to them. Keep a few safety tips in mind when you go online. 

Don’t share any information that could put you at risk. This means not advertising when you go on vacation or anywhere else for a long stay. Don’t use ‘out of office’ replies on personal email accounts. Anyone could email you to find out that you are out of town and how long your home will be empty. 

Turn off geotagging on your cellphone camera. If you post an item for sale on eBay or a similar website, a burglar with a geo-tag reader will know the exact location of the item that you are selling and may decide to come and get it. 

Find The Easy Way Into Your House And Fix It

Many home security tips cover the importance of things like having reliable locks on your doors and windows, but when did you last check yours? All locks on your home must be sturdy and well maintained if they are going to do their job well. Even the best locks won’t help if you don’t use them, so make sure you lock every window and door, including garage doors and storm doors every night and every time you leave the house. 

Put Out Candles

One of the best tips for keeping your home safe is that the risk of fatalities is cut in half if you have a working fire alarm. To decrease this risk even further, replace your candles with LED faux candles. These candles look real and come in lots of different sizes, styles, and even scents. If they fall over, there is no real flame to put you and your family in danger.

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