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How To Boost Your Child’s Creativity

kid on white table painting

Creative thinking helps us solve problems and develop new ideas. Children are

natural innovators, eager to explore the world around them and find fun wherever

they go. To help nurture your child’s creativity it is important to give them the tools

and encouragement they need. An independent school in London has shared the

following advice to help you boost your child’s natural creativity.

Give Them The Tools

Coloured paper, paint, glitter, PVA glue. Give your child the tools for a creative

project and let their imagination guide them. Children don’t need a structured

assignment or project to work on, the freedom to explore different materials will help

them access their inner artist. Toys that encourage unstructured play are also useful,

a box of Lego gives children the tools to build whatever they wish and they can let

their imagination run wild.

Encourage Their Imagination

Imagination and creativity go hand in hand. Imaginative play requires children to

create characters and scenarios and act out different roles, developing cognitive

function and communication skills. Whilst some children are naturally drawn to

make-believe play, others may need a little push to unleash their imagination. Fill a

box with props and costumes and encourage your child to dress up and act out

different characters, or build a fort in your living room with sofa cushions and bed


Get Involved

Your child looks to you as a role model, so if they see you embracing your own

creativity they are more likely to explore their own. Get messy with paint and glitter or

get involved in imagination games and follow your child’s lead. If your child wants

you to spend Sunday afternoon dressed as a pirate, pretending the bathtub is the

Jolly Roger then you should show your enthusiasm to take on the role! Your

participation will encourage them to indulge in this type of play more often, plus you’ll

make some precious memories together along the way.

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