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How To Choose The Right Charity To Support

Choosing a charity to support isn’t always a simple choice. There are lots of worthy options, and your choice should be a personal one. Here are a few things that you might want to think about. 

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What Cause Do You Want To Support?

The first thing that people think about is the cause they want to support. There are children’s charities, animal charities, charities for the elderly, and to raise money and awareness for a huge range of illnesses and disabilities. Think about which cause matters the most to you, whether you think you might want to volunteer at your local animal shelter or donate to the National Brain Appeal

Do You Want To Support A Large Or Small Charity? 

There are some big name charities out there, but also some much small charities. Decide whether you want to support a large, powerful charity that will be making a big difference but have higher running costs, oe smaller charity that might only help a few people but will be fighting to get the funds they need. 

Does Location Matter?

Does it matter to you where your charity is based and who they help? Would you prefer to work with a charity that works in your local community?

Do You Want Feedback?

Most of us give to charity because we want to help, with no expectation of getting anything in return. However, it is nice to know how your donations are helping people, so you know you haven’t wasted your money. Most charities will give feedback in the form of emails or newsletters, but if you want more personalized feedback, then you might want to sponsor a child with the option to send letters and get a response. Animal charities will often let you sponsor a specific animal and might also send regular updates about the animal you have chosen. 

How Do You Want To Support The Charity?

Will you donate your time or your money? You can choose to make a one-off or regular payment, or you might prefer a different way to contribute money. Animal charities often give opinions to sponsor specific animals or enclosures, hospices might run charity lotteries, or you could write a charity into your will. 

How Specific Do You Want To Be?

Some charities will let you choose to support a specific cause, person, or animal, and will send relevant updates, whereas others will pool donations for the use of the charity as a whole. In some cases, your money goes into a pot for the charity to use as they see fit. If you want to support a more specific cause, you could see if there is another charity that will narrow things down more for you. For example, you might support a national Cancer charity to donate to cancer research as a whole, or you might want to choose a charity specifically for skin cancer or breast cancer or even donate to the cancer ward at your local hospital.

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