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How To Create Extra Kitchen Storage

interior of light kitchen with furniture

One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. It is usually the hub of activity. From cooking to baking, dining and hosting, a lot goes on in the kitchen. However, it is often a room that gets neglected when it comes to renovations. In previous years, we didn’t need so much space in a kitchen as we had far fewer gadgets and even ingredients. Nowadays, our kitchens are filled with pots and pans, nifty gadgets and food from all around the world, which means we need a lot more space! A kitchen needs to be functional as well as pretty so that the most can be made of it. Small renovations can make the world of difference. For example, opting for glass splashbacks over any other wall treatment is very practical, because although they look great, they’re also easy to clean too. Although only a small change, this means you get to spend more time cooking in your kitchen than cleaning it, which is appealing to anyone. Another way you can make your kitchen more functional is by creating more storage space. This can seem like a mammoth task but it’s really not when you put some thought into it. Here are some tips.

Getting Rid Of The Unwanteds

The first thing I did was purge all the cupboards and drawers. This step alone freed up a lot of space. Plus it helped to get the kitchen organized again. I can’t begin to tell you how many things I had forgotten about. Obviously, they were not too important so I decided to toss these as well.

Making Use of Wasted Space

When I started planning on adding some extra storage space to my kitchen I soon discovered there was a lot of wasted space. With some organizing and a few small purchases, I was able to utilize this. Here are some of the things that I did for extra storage:

  • Extra Fridge Space. This didn’t pertain to the inside but I found that the exterior of the fridge was a small goldmine of space. In many families, the front of the fridge is used to hold personal notes, pictures, and artwork of the little ones. The sides of the fridge don’t get used for anything. Here was the perfect place for hanging some lightweight baskets. Then in these, I put all the light items that had gotten shoved in my kitchen drawers.
  • Hanging Space. I was never one to give much thought to hanging space. When I did take a look at what was available for this I became quite excited. I started by installing hooks in my cupboards. Now I was able to clear two shelves just by hanging the mugs that were originally stored there. I carried this a step further and installed hooks in my baking cupboard. Here I hung my measuring cups and measuring spoons. I now have easy access to them without having to dig through a drawer for them each time I need them.
  • Sink Space: I have two large double sinks which I really appreciate. But they do take up valuable counter space. I had a neighbor that was handy at woodwork make me two cutting boards that would fit exactly on top of these sinks. Now I have some extra prep space.
  • Stackables: I found in my panty that I had a lot of bulky boxes that were taking up a lot of space. I bought some large stackable jars. These worked great and took up a lot less room.
  • Usable Wall Space: I have a lot of free wall space in my kitchen eating area, so I figured I could put this to good use. I installed some short shelves for storing some of my small appliances on. Then underneath the shelves, I installed some heavy hooks for hanging some of my pots. Not only had this space become functional it looked great.
  • Taking Care Of The Lids. Pot lids take up so much space. To solve this problem I put a dish rack in the cupboard and stood all the lids up in the slots that the dish rack had.
  • Glassware: I prefer glasses with stems so to free up shelf space I got a hanging glass rack which works great and protects my glasses.

All of these ideas that I implemented freed up a great deal of space. They were practical and convenient. Most of all they were cheap to do. Don’t be afraid to have items out in the open. This is the way that many modern kitchens are now designed. Everything doesn’t have to be tucked away in cupboards.

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