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How To Decorate The Walls In Your Home

What’s one thing all the rooms in your home have in common? They’ve all got four walls! The walls inside your home are often under-appreciated, yet they’re prime for decorating. You can do many different things to the walls in your property, but you can also narrow them down into four different categories. Below, you’ll see all four of these categories and learn more about them:

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Leave the walls bare

Firstly, you could leave the walls bare. Now, this means you either paint them or put wallpaper down, but that’s where you stop. You don’t put anything else on the walls; they stay bare. The advantage of this is that it creates a very minimalist look and feel. This can work if that’s the theme you’re going for. Also, plain walls might suit different rooms better than others – bathrooms, for example, tend to look better with nothing else on them. 

Add paintings to the walls

Secondly, you could choose to hang some paintings on the walls in your house. This is a chance to show off some lovely artwork to everyone that visits. The idea of art in the home is very popular, and it’s a brilliant way to add more character to a room. Again, it suits some rooms more than others. If you click here, you’ll see lots of great paintings that might be perfect in the home. Now, you just have to figure out where to put them. Art in the living room, dining room, hallway, and bedrooms is always a smart idea. 

Hang up family photos

Thirdly, you could put family photos on your walls. This is similar to art, but the difference is that it’s photos of your own family. You’ll love this idea if you want to make your house a home and have memories all around. Many families love decorating the living room with family pictures as it makes it seem cosier and more homely. Nothing’s stopping you from having art and photos on the wall in the same room – it depends if they go well together and you like the look. 

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Put up shelving

Lastly, you can add some shelves to the walls in your home. This is an excellent option if you need some additional storage space. It’s a way of clearing clutter and taking advantage of the vast space offered by the wall. It can also be a place to put ornaments and other small trinkets that add to the interior style. Many people will also put art on a shelf, or stick family photos there too. 

Realistically, you can use all four of these options throughout your house. Some areas might be left bare, while other rooms have more decorations on the walls. The main rule is to avoid overdoing it. Does it make sense to have numerous shelves along with loads of paintings and photos on the walls? You may think this sounds nice, but it creates a cluttered and overbearing effect that suffocates the room. Keep it simple, but choose whatever suits your home the best.

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