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How to have a quick and efficient divorce

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Filing for divorce can be an emotional time. Even when it’s something that you’ve dreamed of for many years, it’s still something that’s difficult to do. However, making the divorce as efficient as possible can help ease those emotions and make the whole process go a lot quicker. It still may be a lengthy process, at least a few months long, but being efficient will certainly shave off a few months off the whole process, perhaps even years. Here’s how to be more efficient in your divorce. 

Be certain

If you’re undecided on getting a divorce, for any reason, perhaps don’t file for divorce until you’re certain. Being unsure can slow the process drastically, wasting time and resources. It’s likely you’ll know when the time is right, but there are still some ways to determine your readiness. If you feel constantly defensive, criticized and unwelcomed by your partner, it might be time for a divorce. Alternatively, if you don’t enjoy socializing together, you have poor sexual intimacy and you feel constantly lonely, then a divorce may also be considered. Of course, you can try to reignite the flame in the relationship before filing for divorce but if you have exhausted all efforts, then divorce seems to be the only option. 

Pick the right firm

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of law firms around the world. To make this process as painless as possible, you must choose the right firm for you. This ensures that you feel comfortable talking to your lawyers as well as having them working on your case. Plus, you can easily discuss the outcomes you desire, and they can fight your corner. Choosing the right firm means that you’re on the same page with this divorce and it makes the whole process a lot easier to manage. The right firm and lawyers will always have your best interests at heart, and they will be able to negotiate for you. 

Decide what you want

Any marriage will have assets. When filing for divorce, you should know that those assets may be fought over. Houses and cars are commonly fought over, as are family heirlooms. Some couples may even fight over something that’s worthless in value but priceless in sentimental value. Have your mind set on what you definitely want so that there’s no wasted time. If you have many demands, you may need to be lenient so that you can settle any disagreements quickly with your partner. Of course, there are some thing you don’t want to back down on but note that this can delay the divorce process. It could even result in going to trial for a judge to decide what happens with the desired item(s). If your case does go to trial, it can take quite some time to get a trial date, prolonging the divorce process. So, if you want a quick divorce, decide what you want sooner rather than later and be lenient with your wants. If you can also decide on custody of children and pets, visitation, and spousal support, then the process will also run a lot quicker too. Remember, divorcing with children is a lot harder than without, so you need to tread carefully to avoid upsetting and disrupting the lives of the children. This process can also be delayed if you were to incur any debts during the marriage as liability for the debts will need to be determined. If you could resolve these debts before filing for divorce, the divorce can likely proceed quickly. 

Pick your type of divorce

When you speak to your divorce attorney, they will be able to recommend what kind of divorce you need. If you have been married for less than five years, you can opt for a summary divorce. These kinds of divorces are pretty straightforward and can be resolved quickly. Uncontested divorces are suitable for any couple and they are designed for couples who can agree on the terms of the divorce and want to proceed swiftly. For those who can’t agree on a divorce, there are contested divorces, and these divorces can often take years to complete, rather than months. A contested divorce means that one party, or even both, are disagreeing on the terms of the divorce and usually, only a judge can resolve these problems. 

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  1. December 2, 2021 / 11:55 am

     I just wanted to say thank you for your post. I have been researching this topic for quite some time, and I agree to the points you laid it out.

  2. December 3, 2021 / 6:09 am

    I appreciate that you explained that you should choose the right firm that will be on your side and make the process easier to manage and also they can negotiate for you. A friend of mine told me yesterday that she is planning to file a divorce against her husband due to some deep reason and asked me if I have any ideas how would be the process. Thanks a lot for this very informative article and I’ll make sure to tell her that it is best if she consults a trusted divorce lawyer to help her do the legal process.

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