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How To Help A Child Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most renowned mental health problems around the world. It affects both adults and children, though kids seem to be the most likely to develop it. Often, adults with anxiety have had this issue since they were a child. 

If your child has anxiety, they will behave differently in certain situations. It can be hard for them to speak up in class, they struggle to be social, and they worry a lot about school tests. You can’t really ‘cure’ anxiety, but you can help a child see fewer symptoms. As a parent, it’s your job to play an active role in supporting your child’s mental health. Let’s go over a few steps you can take to be a supportive parent:

Listen to your child

Speak to your son/daughter and ask them about their anxiety problems. Right away, you’ve dealt with the elephant in the room and acknowledged that they have anxiety. This can be a big weight off their shoulders as they realise what’s wrong with them. From here, you have to listen to them and see what troubles them and why they get anxious. It can help you figure out how to address triggering situations and make them feel more comfortable. Who knows, you might make them anxious by asking how they did in school. Now you know not to do that anymore!

Encourage them to step out of their comfort zone

The obvious tactic is to let your child be themselves. However, an anxious child will stay in their shell and never come out. It may sound harsh, but you have to encourage your child to step out of their comfort zone. Yes, this means they do things they might not like. But, it’s the only way to gradually get over anxiety. The further out of their shell they come, the less anxiety they have. It’s easier to do this with young children, and it can help them for the rest of their lives.

Consider the treatment options

Medication for anxiety does exist, but it’s debatable as to whether a child should take it. You might set them up for a life where they depend on this medication to get by. Instead, consider other options, like CBD gummies. CBD helps with anxiety, and there isn’t any research that says kids can’t take these supplements. It doesn’t contain any THC, so there’s no danger of them getting high. Other natural treatments for anxiety exist, such as using certain herbs to help a child relax. Lavender is often used at bedtime to help a child sleep better without dealing with anxiety. 

As a parent, this is pretty much all you can do to help your child. It might not seem like much, but it will make a huge difference. Your child will appreciate it, and you also make a huge contribution to their internal battle. The earlier you spot the signs of anxiety, the sooner you can react. As I said before, it’s easier to help young children with anxiety compared to teenagers and adults.

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    Very perfectly explains every Solution. Great article, keep working mam.

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