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It’s easy to understand why children might resist doing homework after a long and tiring day at school, or at the weekends when they just want to relax. Who can blame them for wanting to do fun things in their time off school? The key though is to try and make homework one of those fun activities they actually look forward to doing. Read on for some tips from a private school in Oxford on how you can make homework more fun for your child. 

Get creative

It’s important to tailor homework activities to your child’s unique learning style to ensure they get the most out of it. If they’re the creative type, see if you can incorporate painting or drawing into their homework to help bring subjects or topics to life for them. If they enjoy music and learn better through listening, you could include singing or playing a musical instrument in their learning, depending on what they’re studying. Just think about how your child learns best and if you can harness that in their homework tasks. 

Provide an inspiring study space

Your child will probably find the prospect of homework a lot more appealing if they have a dedicated and inspiring workspace to study in. If there isn’t room in their bedroom for a study area, you can turn any spare nook in the house into a study area of sorts. Make sure they have everything they’ll need to study efficiently and that their space is inviting. You could add pictures or posters of things they like, and perhaps a cosy area with blankets for reading. This will depend on your child’s personality of course, but getting them involved in designing their own space and making it as welcoming as possible will increase the chances of them knuckling down with their homework and actually enjoying the process. 

Create mini challenges

You can make your child’s homework a little more fun by devising small challenges for them to complete, perhaps making it a friendly competition between you to complete something in a certain timeframe. Kids are often motivated by competing against others, and they’ll love you getting involved. They may even come to look forward to that special time with you where you work on tasks together in a fun way. 

Doing homework is a compulsory part of children’s education, but it doesn’t have to be something they dread if you can find ways to make it a bit more exciting for them. 

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