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How To Make Your Child’s Christening Even More Special

Planning your little bundle of joys christening is both exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Will your guests enjoy the day, will they like the food, etc, all these questions are coursing through your head at an alarming rate.

Let’s look at what you should look into to keep both the adults and the kids entertained. 

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Of course, the actual christening itself will happen in your local church or a church of your choosing. The after-party venue is just as important as you need to be sure all your guests will fit comfortably. 

Your venue may be in your or your partners home town if you are from abroad. It may be in Ireland, a beautiful place to call home. Of course, your child will automatically qualify for citizenship as the Irish citizenship requirements state that one of both parents must be from Ireland to apply for dual nationality.

You also need to ensure the venue is child-friendly and secure, you don’t want any little people going wandering. Why not think about hiring an event babysitter, these are people trained and qualified to look after numerous children in one place. The benefits of a babysitter are that the adults can let their hair down without worrying about where their precious bundle is. 


Some people say that they only attend parties for the food! If this is true then you don’t want to disappoint and have your guests leaving feeling hungry. You can supply the food yourself which can be added work and added pressure or you could look into hiring a catering company to provide the yummy food. It can be a buffet-style dinner with nibbly finger foods or if you have tables and chairs then it could be a proper sit-down formal meal. This is of course down to your personal preference, a lot of people attending parties just want the usual buffet sausage rolls and pineapple cheese sticks. 


Think about different entertainment options. You could think about hiring a DJ to provide the music and jokes for the adults, they can play kids’ music too. For the children, you could look into hiring an entertainer just for them, a magician or a clown. Be careful if you choose the latter a lot of children and adults are scared of clowns. 

Message Book

A lovely sentimental idea for a christening is a message book for the child. Every guest can write a message in it and when the child is older they will be able to read all about who attended their christening and what kind of day it was. 

Your child will be able to see how loved they are and how much of a good time their party provided. You can stick some photos in it for visual effect as well. You will both enjoy spending time together looking over it at various stages of life. 

We hope this helps provide some ideas of how to make your child’s christening a day or night to remember. 

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