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How to Promote a Love of Learning within Your Home

How to Promote a Love of Learning within Your Home

One of the best ways to support and encourage your child’s education is to promote a positive approach and love of learning within your home. Even if you’d rather forget your school days, having a negative attitude towards learning around your child will have quite a damaging affect, as they will adopt a similar outlook and not feel motivated to work hard in school. I have teamed up with an independent day school in Hertfordshire to offer you some advice on helping your child approach their learning journey, both in and out of school, with a positive attitude.

Try and show your child that learning can be fun and doesn’t necessarily have to happen in a classroom environment. The trick is to try and discover learning opportunities in everything you do as a family. Even something as effortless as a board game will help your child with a variety of skills, both personal and academic. For instance, Scrabble will help them with their spelling and vocabulary, whilst teaching them patience and the importance of thinking ahead. 

If you have a garden, you could try and grow your own, teaching your child about germination and how the different seasons can impact what fruits or vegetables can be grown. Alternatively, you could make your own bird feeder together and watch for different species of birds visiting your garden. Even a quick drive to the supermarket is an opportunity for learning as you can talk to your child about how an engine works. Let them help you calculate how much the food will cost in the shop, to strengthen their numeracy skills. The list continues.

If feasibly possible, it might be worth preparing a special little area within your home for your child, where they can complete any homework or carry out crafting projects. It should be somewhere quiet, with limited distractions and plenty of natural light so that they can see clearly without getting eye strain. Without a study space like this, your child will feel less inclined to engage in these types of activities. On the other hand, if they feel like they have the support of the parents at home they will likely want to try harder to impress you.

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