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How to Tell if Your Child is Happy at School

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One of our main concerns as parents is the emotional well-being of our children. It’s hard to send them off to school and know that there’s really no way for us to share their experiences there. The only information we can gather about our children is that which their teachers and they themselves tell us, which can make parents feel like we know virtually nothing.

This means that sometimes we need to take extra care to note whether children are thriving or not. If you suspect that your child may not be happy – or if you’re just not sure, here are some tips to help you get a better understanding. How does your child deal with drop-off every morning? Do they claim vague illnesses in order to score a day off? It is somewhat normal for a child to do this now and then, but if it is happening frequently then you should look into things more closely.

Take note of the days this tends to occur, sometimes a child may be avoiding a certain lesson. If this is the case then the problem should be discussed with the child or their teacher so you can glean a better understanding of what they’re trying to avoid.

Ask yourself how your child responds when asked about their school day. If their answer is short or vague they may possible be struggling in some way.

How can I support my child if they’re having a hard time?

It can be heartbreaking to learn that your child is struggling emotionally but there are ways to support them. Speak with their teachers to find out if there’s anything going on. This independent boys’ school in London work hard to ensure that pupils are happy and feel supported.

Encourage children to start a new hobby. School can sometimes feel like the centre of the world for a child and starting a new hobby can introduce them to new friends, new skills, and fun.

Hobbies broaden horizons and open the mind to new possibilities in life.

Take your child for a fun day out regularly.  A bad term at school can make children forget that they’re able to have fun and allowing your child some extra-enjoyable activities can help to make them more optimistic about life in general.

If your child is having a hard time in school try to support them and enlist the help of their teachers and wider family. Older peers can share their own experiences and sometimes children relate better to other young people when it comes to problems.

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