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How To Tell If Your Child Is Unwell

It is not always easy to tell when your child is unwell. Some children simply go quiet when they are not feeling themselves. Therefore, it is important to know some of the different signs that you should look out for. That way, you will know whether you should keep your child in bed or if they are fine to go to school. 

In some situations, knowing whether you need to take your child to a doctor is evident, for example, if your child has worrying symptoms, such as problems breathing, or if they have been involved in a traumatic accident. 

If any of the following has happened, you should call an ambulance right away:

  • Your child has a rash that does not fade when you press on their skin
  • Your child has a soft spot on the top of their head, which is known as a bulging fontanelle
  • Your child has a seizure or a fit
  • Your child has blue, mottled, or pale skin
  • Your child has unusual breathing or trouble breathing
  • Your child is crying continually, or they have a weak or high-pitched cry
  • Your child is unresponsive or very drowsy

These are all clear indications that your child needs urgent medical attention.

However, there are some cases whereby your child does not need to see an expert urgently; they may simply need some children paracetamol and a lot of rest.

Some of the different signs that your child is not feeling very well include the following:

  • Your child has been complaining of feeling cold
  • Your child looks pale, flushed, or tired
  • Your child feels hot to touch
  • Your child does not want to eat
  • Your child is unusually inactive and quiet
  • Your child has lost interest in playing or is more inactive and quiet than usual 
  • Your child is crying a lot and cannot be comforted with ease
  • Your child is listless or fretful or they are irritated whenever you disturb them

There are also some common symptoms that indicate that you should take your child to see a doctor. This includes if your child is vomiting a lot. This is a typical reaction when the body is upset, which could or could not be with other symptoms.

Another common symptom that indicates your child needs to see a doctor is a fever. A fever itself is not harmful. However, it could be that the fever is caused due to an infection that is viral and required fluid and rest. In some cases, antibiotics are needed, so you do need to keep a watch on your child. If you have a baby under the age of three-months-old and their fever is over 38-degrees, this should be treated as an emergency. 

Overall, if your child is flushed, pale, hot, lethargic, cranky, listless, or fretful, it is a wise idea to take them to a doctor. On the other side of things, if they are playing normally, sleeping, behaving, and eating as they should be, it is probable that they do not have much wrong with them.

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