I am THAT Mum, And I Am Proud!

Let me ask you, what is your definition of ‘THAT Mum’?

Maybe it’s the mum who is pushy? Or the mum that’s always late? Maybe, Is it the mum who is always screaming at her kids? 

Whoever THAT Mum is, she stands out, she is different, and she doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks! She’s in her own little Mum bubble, doing what she thinks is best for her kids and she means well. 

She is the mum that believes in her child, that will do what it takes to get her child the help and support they need to have an equal chance to reach their full potential. 

I am proud to say that…

I am THAT Mum!

I can safely say that I am the only person in this world that will be an advocate for my children and the only one in this world that will have my boys back 100%. 

I never used to be THAT Mum. Oh no, I used to be a walkover. Quiet, wouldn’t say boo to a goose. I’d keep my opinions to myself. Go with the flow and shrug things off.

All that changed when I became a Mum, but it became more apparent that I was THAT Mum when it came to light I had children with additional needs.

You see, from my own personal experience, if you have children with additional needs that aren’t visible. Like in my case, children who aren’t, shall we say ‘neuro-typical’,  who struggle in school, in society and in everyday situations that you and me take for granted. These children can be judged based on their behaviour and mannerisms. 

I have found that professionals such as teachers, doctors etc can be very judgmental, using their personal opinions and not their professional opinions when dealing with your child….and yourself as a parent.  Some even passing you off as ‘THAT over exaggerated parent’ resulting in me questioning myself as a parent. Or passing your child off as ‘THAT naughty kid’ or they make up some ridiculous conclusion to your childs behaviour instead of listening to the facts.


Now believe me when I tell you I have heard my fair share of professionals conclusions relating to my children’s behaviours, struggles, mannerisms etc. Here are some of my favourites…

  • He’s left handed
  • It must be your childminding that makes them like this
  • He is the second child
  • You have a 4 bedroomed house
  • He is the middle child of 5
  • The fact you work from home

Sounds ridiculous, right?

These are the people who we trust to be able to help and support our children. But please, don’t get me wrong, not all professionals are like this! There are those individuals that take their job seriously and have a passion for helping and understanding these kids! These are the ones that are worth their weight in gold! They actually believe in these kids!

Over the years, I, myself as THAT Mum has argued, cried and got frustrated with professionals, as they wouldn’t listened to my concerns about my sons, only for me to be right. 

I am THAT Mum that will follow up when a professional says that they will call me back and don’t. I will follow up letters and appointments. I am THAT Mum that will make sure my boys One Plans and Care Plans are being followed by ourselves and school. I am THAT Mum who is more than willing to work with professionals to get my children the help and support they need.

As THAT Mum, I am not trying to be awkward, or defensive, I am basically fighting for my children and their rights.  

I am a great believer that a parent know their child better than anyone else in this world! 

One thing I have learnt, as THAT Mum is to do your research! No one will signpost you to things such as the SEND code of practice, advocate services, parent carer services, useful websites etc. Be able to back up any evidence you have. 

So really, the message I am trying to get across is, don’t be afraid to be THAT Mum. Believe in yourself and your child. As long as you know that you are doing the best you can for your child and have their best interests at heart then you be THAT Mum and do whatever you need to do to get your child the help and support they need. Because your child deserves it!

Are you THAT Mum? I’d love to hear your story. 

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