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The Importance of Pastoral Care in Schools

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For children to develop into well-rounded individuals, they need to be supported on all levels. If they feel secure and cared for and know there is someone they can talk to about any problems they’re experiencing, this will allow them to learn more effectively. The emotional and social wellbeing of children is just as important as academic achievement, and often the two go hand in hand. Here a Prep school in Surrey outlines the importance of pastoral care in schools.

Helping disadvantaged students

Having a good pastoral system in place can help vulnerable children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to overcome challenges and thrive at school. Addressing the underlying reasons behind why some children might misbehave in class can be crucial to supporting their learning, and a pastoral care system can help identify and support such children. 

Being part of a community

Often schools have a House system which promotes interaction between children across year groups and fosters a sense of community and belonging within the school. Friendly inter-house competition can promote teamwork and interpersonal skills as children work with other members of their house to win points. This also helps children see their peers and teachers as part of their school family and encourages children to look out for each other. 

Good mental health

The school years present many challenges and new experiences for children, and some students adapt better than others. It’s important for schools to recognise the differences in how children react to the academic and social aspects of school and support them accordingly. A good pastoral support system could include providing counselling for pupils who are struggling or support from other health professionals to help them manage their mental health. 

Safe and secure

It’s important for children to feel safe at school, and knowing there is pastoral support on hand can contribute to children’s feelings of security. This in turn will help their learning, as they know there is always someone to turn to for help if they are having problems. Bullying can be an issue in any school, but this can be mitigated somewhat by having proper pastoral systems and procedures in place for dealing with it effectively. 

As you can see, it is very important for children’s emotional and social development to have an efficient pastoral care system in place in schools so that they can learn and thrive, despite any challenges or problems they might be facing. 

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