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Let’s Talk To Mummy’s Tummy Book Review #AD

Let's talk to mummys tummy book cover

Let’s Talk To Mummy’s Tummy By Helen Lacey is a wonderful pregnancy book that talks directly to your child, helping your child prepare for a new baby.

Explaining what is happening in Mummy’s Tummy from weeks 12-40 of pregnancy!

It’s the perfect book for any expectant mummy to sit with their child week on week to explain what is going on in Mummy’s Tummy. Explaining how the baby is growing.

I love how it is written as if the baby is speaking directly to the child. Which is a perfect way to begin the life long bond with the baby in Mummy’s tummy before it’s even born. Directed towards 2 to 6-year-olds, it’s written in a manner a child will understand.

Let’s Talk To Mummy’s Tummy also addresses any potential worries a child might have about the arrival of a new baby. Such as when will the baby talk, how will we wash the baby and how will the baby eat.

It also covers subjects including what happens when a baby is born early and where will Mummy have the baby. Which I personally think is amazing as a child may struggle to adapt to such a life-changing event.

It is beautifully illustrated by Carla Moreno, in watercolour. Giving this book a lovely calming feel.

I absolutely love the diversity in the book with the use of all races and abilities.

Let’s Talk To Mummy’s Tummy also has an interactive factor. Ensuring high engagement and involvement in the preparation of the arrival of a new baby.

Throughout the book, it gives your child little tasks to carry out and asks direct questions. It comes with stickers that your child can use to identify milestone weeks throughout the pregnancy. Also with a flip book style effect that brings the baby on the pages to life, allowing your child to watch the baby grow.

What We Think About Let’s Talk To Mummy’s Tummy

As a Mum of 5, I absolutely adore this book. I wish that it was available when I was pregnant with my boys.

It covers everything I can think of that I think a new big brother or sister needs to know about a new baby and what is happening to their Mummy.

It would be the perfect way to announce a pregnancy to a child from the baby in mummy’s tummy. Building the sibling bond from day one.

Let’s Talk To Mummy’s Tummy is available from Amazon

Also available from Waterstones

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