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Lite Brite Review :: AD

Lite Brite Review :: AD

Ok, Mums and Dads, who are going to show their age and willing admit that they were a child during the late 1980s and 1990s?! Well, I’m one of them and man do I feel old!

You’ve got to admit that the toys from the 80’s and 90’s were pretty awesome! Well, you’ll never guess what?! Retro toys are making a come back.

Who remembers Lite Brite?!

Basic Fun have re-released the classic Lite Brite, which has a really basic concept to it.

Using clear colourful pegs, and a light board to make really simple, yet effective peg art!

Lite Brite comes with over 200 round pegs in white, yellow, blue, pink, orange and green. There are 6 templates to follow on the tablet, mountains, an elephant, unicorn, dune buggy and yacht so something for everyone.

Lite Brite has 4 different light settings to enhance your masterpieces – including steady, flashing, pulsing, and random.

Making Lite Brite easy and fun for all ages. You can make up your own creations or follow the pre-designed pattern that will result in bright, colourful and dazzling masterpieces that light up and glow!

What I love about this retro toy is that it promotes creativity as well as fine motor skills, as children have to use a pincer grip.

It is recommended for children ages 4+ and available from Smyths £19.99 and Amazon


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