Lockdown Life :: One Month In

Lockdown Life :: One Month In

On 24th March 2020, the UK government issued a statement that they were enforcing a nationwide ‘lockdown’ due to Covid-19.

Social distancing measures were put into place. Schools were closed. Businesses seised trading. We were told to stay home.

Our lives as we knew it were turned upside down

Being a self-employed childminder, we were told that we could stay open to our families that are key workers, but if there is another parent was not a key worker they were advised to stay at home!

Finding ourselves with no childminding children to take care of, it is just myself, my husband and my 5 boys.

I’m not going to lie, in the early days my anxiety was sky high.

Worried about our finances, my family and their health. Constantly thinking, what if.

Social media was full of families sharing their homeschooling plans, as schools close.

It was all so overwhelming

I found myself constantly checking the news, which I identified, wasn’t great for my state of mind. It was triggering my anxiety…Not good!

Taking Time To Adapt

I took my boys sometime to adapt to us all being at home together. Mckenzie struggled with having his brothers home. Considering he had been refusing school since January.

We experienced Mckenzie going up and down the arousal cycle, meltdowns and many sleepless nights as he adapted to the change in routines and circumstances.

Throughout lockdown Harvey lost the motivation and routine he thrived on from school. Keeping a teenager with ADHD motivated can be hard work, especially when boredom sets in.

Caelan’s anxiety was through the roof being around Mckenzie and Harvey’s impulsive and unpredictable behaviours. He developed an anxiety around our dogs and wouldn’t let them out of sight.

Having 3 out of my 5 boys having neuro-development and mental health disorders it was challenging to say the least.

Keeping to Routines

Having children with different needs during a lockdown situation is soooo hard to keep routines going. With Harvey and Mckenzie refusing to do school work due to their PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance).

I’m going to admit, homeschooling in our house was a total disaster!

I’m going with the attitude of, if we get something done, it’s a bonus.

Choosing My Battles

As the weeks have gone by, I have taken a more relaxed approach to this lockdown situation we are in. I’ve changed my mindset and focused on what I can control.

We take each day at a time. We go with the flow.

I put in place some reward charts in place to encourage motivation and sense of achievement.

Filling Our Days

As i’ve already mentioned homeschooling hasn’t been successful. So we’ve had to find other ways to educate my boys and keep their minds active.

We’ve been playing games, drawing and encouraging my boys to help in the kitchen by helping us do some baking and meal preparation.

Thankfully the weather has been kind to us, so we’ve encouraged my boys to go out into the garden to burn off their energy and get some fresh air.

I’ve been spending my time doing some studying and catching up on those little jobs that i’ve not had time to do.

I’m going to be honest

I’m absolutely loving lockdown life. With no expectations, no excessive to-do lists, no clock watching. I’m actually starting to see and feel the benefits of being on lockdown.

Having my family home and safe. Being able to spend quality time together.

How Has Your First Month In Lockdown?

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