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Making Maths Fun With Sum Swamp From Learning Resources :: AD

sum swamp learning resources

I have to say that Maths is like marmite. It’s one of those subjects you either love or hate.

Personally I used to love maths when I was at primary school. Maybe because my parents and teachers always made it fun and engaging.

This is why I am a massive fan of Learning Resources and their fantastic maths products. They are my go-to brand to-go-to when it comes to learning for both my own children and my childminding children.

Learning Resources sure know how to make learning fun and engaging. The best part is that the children don’t even realise they’re learning and are learning through their play!

Maths is one of those subjects that is so important for not only childhood but to take through to adulthood too.

We have been gifted Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction game from Learning Resources.

It came at the perfect time, during lockdown!

Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction Game is the latest addition to their maths resources.

sum swamp learning resources

This isn’t just a game where you have to get from start to finish first. You have to answer all of the addition and subtraction sums correctly! But there’s more! You have to venture over the shortcuts and get through the endless loop as well as identify odd and even numbers!

You start the game by choosing your swamp creature from the 4 that are available.

Then when it is your go, you roll the 3 die. 2 are numbered and 1 is the ‘operational die’ with plus and minus signs. The you ‘build’ the sum that is the result of the dice. So for example you throw 3 – 1 you would answer 2. Then move forward 2 spaces.

Now, this is where your child’s inner maths ninja comes into play! If you land on an odd or even space you have to roll a number that matches the space. So, for example, you land on an ODD and roll a 3 you can move on your next go. If you don’t throw the right number you could get stuck!

Beware of the Endless Loop! This took us ages to get out of! It was like a rapid-fire game of who can get out first! You can land on the exit square to be able to be set free!

We loved the endless loops as we are all a little competitive and we all wanted to be the first player to exit!


My boys found it hilarious when we kept going round in circles. I’ve never seen them so enthusiastic about maths in a long time!

Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction Game is suitable for children aged 5+ and for 2-4 players.

Sum Swamp is available from Learning Resources for £13

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