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Monitor Baby’s Movements with Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet :: AD

monitor babys movements with aska maternity bracelet

In 2016, expectant Mum Louise Macleod discovered how important it was to monitor your babys movements throughout your pregnancy to help reduce the risk of stillbirths.

Louise Macleod

With working full time and being constantly distracted, Louise found it challenging to keep a track of her babys movements throughout the day. Causing her great anxiety, she went on the lookout for a solution. A solution to give her reassurance that her unborn baby was moving. Some way of her being able to monitor and record her babys movements.

Being a keen crafter, Louise took it upon herself to create a suitable bracelet that did as she was looking for. To be able to monitor and record her baby’s movements! Finding the perfect design, she felt reassured and confident that her baby was happy and healthy.

While working at her local NHS trust maternity voices partnership, Louise was working on a project to help spread the word to local expectant mothers about the importance of monitoring their baby’s movements.

What better time than to share her bracelet idea?!

With the local maternity team of midwives loving the concept of the bracelet. They wanted to offer local mums a bracelet as part of their project.

With the support of the local maternity system and DAVIDOV LONDON Louise worked to develop the free movement bracelet.

ASKA Maternity movement bracelet

Each bracelet has a starting bead and a movements hoop.

At the start of the day, you move the hoop back to the starting bead. Every time you feel a period of movement (this can be from a swish or kick, a roll or an elbow to the ribs and is different for every baby) you move the hoop over the next bead.

As the day progresses you work around the bracelet moving it every time you feel your baby move. If you reach the end simply work back the opposite way. Each baby and each woman will have a different pattern in movements which becomes more noticeable at around 24 weeks.

The main idea is not to count how many kicks or movements you have but instead to notice these patterns.

ASKA Maternity Movement bracelet

Initially, the NHS trust ordered 1000 bracelets to hand out to local pregnant women. They were distributed by the midwives. Women were supported on what to do if they had concerns. Along with the bracelet, the women were asked to complete a short questionnaire 4 weeks after having the bracelet and then again after they had their baby.

The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive!

Women found the bracelet useful and were reporting that they felt they were more confident about their movements and also that it helped themselves and their partners to feel connected to their baby more.

You could say that was the moment the beautiful ASKA Maternity Movement Bracelet was created with the help of DAVIDOV LONDON.

For more information about the ASKA Maternity Movement Bracelet give them a follow at …


*This product was gifted in exchange for a review.

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