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Our Family Day Out At Hall Hill Farm, Durham

Hall Hill Farm Sign

This weekend we paid a visit to Hall Hill Farm which is situated in the County Durham countryside. Which is around 45 minutes away from us in Darlington.

We have been to Hall Hill Farm before but it was a few years back now.

One thing I love about Hall Hill Farm is the fact it’s not your ‘average’ farm visit. There’s lots to see and do throughout your visit.

For ourselves as a family of 5; our eldest boys didn’t want to come. It cost us £38.90 for 2 adults, 3 children and 3 bags of animal feed. Which I personally think is pretty reasonable.

Our first stop was to an out building where we got to view and hold some baby chicks. They were the absolute cutest.

Then we went to where the farm kept their rabbits and guinea pigs. I was very impressed at how well kept the animals were. All cages and animals were clean and happy.

My boys chose to hold rabbits. Cohens rabbit was full of mischief and kept hopping off his lap onto the chairs next to him. Which caused a giggle.

Across to the pig pens we saw some sows and their new born piglets.

There was also two life sized cows in the farm yard that stimulated the milking of a cow. My boys enjoyed having a go at this.

Through to the baby lambs, goats and baby kids. They were so friendly.

Next my boys wanted to have a ride on the donkeys. Which there is an additional charge of £1 each per donkey ride.

There is a massive outdoor play area surrounded with picnic tables. So we stopped off to let the boys burn off some energy.

The heavens opened so we decided to go to the tea rooms and grab ourselves something to eat and drink. We bought 3 children’s snack boxes for £3.99 which included a drink, sandwich, raisins, crisps, yogurt and a toy. Matthew had sausages in a bun which was £2 maybe. Just enough for a light lunch to keep everyone going.

By the time we had eaten our lunch, it was time for some of the farms daily scheduled activities.

First up was the sheep race where there were sheep with names like Ed Sheeram, Ewesin Bolt, Wooly Wonker and Lewis Lamilton.

We all got to choose which sheep we thought would win. At the end of the race if you had the winning number you would win a prize. Caelan chose number 1 which was the winner! He won a pencil. He was over the moon.

Watch Our Full Video Of Our Day At Hall Hill Farm At The End Of This Post Or Click HERE

Next we went on to watch a sheep shearing demonstration. Which was fascinating to watch. It’s amazing how the sheep shearer managed to get the whole coat off in one go.

Moving on to the next activity was feeding the lambs. These were some hungry lambs. All my boys got the opportunity to feed a lamb.

The rain had set in, but it didn’t stop our fun. We walked around the Play Barn; which unfortunately we didn’t visit this time, to view some of the other animals that are on the farm.


On the way round was massive air pillows, mini golf and sledging. But unfortunately they were unavailable due to the weather they were closed.

But the Barrel ride was open, which was £1 per person per ride. Of course my boys wanted a ride.

The rain started to really pour, so it was a quick look around at the animals they had in the fields and a chance to use the feed we bought to hand feed the animals.

There were llamas, alpacas, turkeys, peacocks, goats and highland cows.

As we walked back round we realised that the tractor trailer ride was about to leave, so we hopped on for the trip around the farm. It was really bumpy.

Before we left, my boys wanted to visit the baby chicks again. They were totally in awe by them.

Overall it was a fantastic day out. Considering there was 5 of us I found the whole experience was reasonably priced. Especially as it suited and kept my boys happy and entertained. There is plenty to do and we still needed to explore the Play Barn and other outdoor activities.

I would honestly recommended this as a perfect family day out that will definitely fill a full day.

Watch Our Day At Hall Hill Farm On Our YouTube Channel Below

Have You Been To Hall Hill Farm? If Not Have You And Your Family Visited A Farm?

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