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Bathroom Troubles at Home

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bathrooms? Hygiene? Decor? Moisture?  Wrong on all three accounts. While there’s no denying that these things matter too, your top priority when it comes to managing bathroom troubles at home is experience. Your puppy Rex lacks experience in the bathroom department, and you’ve been mopping enough to know that much. For young children, the bathroom is also a new and daunting experience, with accidents and mishaps threatening to happen.  So, as a parent and/or a pet owner, what can you do to ease the learning phase and make…

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How To Turn Your Garage Into A Multi-Purpose Space

Those who have a garage at home will know that its space is often neglected. Although the garage is a space designed to store your vehicles, it is often a space to store items. However, if you want a reason to use your garage, here is how to turn it into a multi-purpose space.  Image by Pexels from Pixabay  Add carpet Building a garage space with purpose means you can achieve a happy home as everyone in the home can use it for something.  By installing a garage carpet so that space can be used for multiple purposes. It will…

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Keep Your Cool: How to Deal with the Pressures of Studying

Everybody has been there. Academic pressure is some of the greatest stress that you could ever face and so among studies, exams and endless pots of coffee, it’s only right that it’s all feeling a bit much. That’s fine. Take a step back, breathe and refresh. You’ve got this.  There are ways for you to be able to manage your stress while still putting in all of the necessary effort to your studies. Half of the time when students fail exams, it’s because they manage to get into their own head, as such they panic on the day and can’t…

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8 Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren in Somerset

Most grandparents will tell you that there’s no greater pleasure in life than spending time with the grandkids. However, it’s not always easy keeping little ones entertained. Fortunately, Somerset is packed with fantastic things for all kids and grandparents of all ages. Visit a Bookshop This thriving bookshop welcomes all ages and has a book that’s perfect for every reader. Whether the grandkids are babies or teenagers, an afternoon spent at the Bailey Hill Book Shop will never be wasted and reading with your grandkids is the ideal way to spend an afternoon. Try an Arcade Take a trip back…

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Fun and Educational Summer Craft Activities for Young Children

Summer is once again upon us. Children can now enjoy the outdoors without having to be concerned about inclement weather and in the same respect, this is a greater opportunity for parents to offer up a handful of fun craft activities. What are some interesting suggestions to consider? If you have been brainstorming to no avail, the tips highlighted below should come in handy.  Make a Milk Carton Birdhouse This classic activity has been enjoyed by children for decades. Not only are milk carton birdhouses easy to make, but they can be decorated in countless different ways. So, feel free…

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Work-Life Balance: 8 Smart Ways to Juggle Work and Motherhood

Being a mum and working full time has never been easy; it can be very tiring and challenging to be recognized as not fully present both as a worker and as a mum. However, this doesn’t have to be that case. Achieving a fulfilling full-time job and being an excellent mum is possible. So, you must learn to create or find a balance that works better for your life. Pixabay – CCO Licence There is no specific magic formula for making things happen, but here are some clever and proven ways to balance motherhood and work. Set free of the…

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