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Squeakee Mini Toy Review :: AD

You may remember that one of the most desired toys on every childs Christmas wish list in 2020 was Squeakee The Balloon Dog. Squeakee was a massive hit amongst children of all ages. Now for 2021, Squeakee has a little pal arriving on the market. Squeakee Mini! If you loved Squeakee, you’re guarenteed to love Squeakee Mini. But there’s not only one new Squeakee Mini, there’s 3! There are 3 Squeakee Minis, Heelie, Poppy and Billo. They are in the forms of a dog, rabbit and monkey. They Mega Cute! Considering how small these new Squeakee Minis are, they have…

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The Adventures Of Paddington Magazine Review :: AD

Paddington Bear has been a firm favourite in our house since my eldest son, Cameron was a child. And that was 18 years ago! I mean everyone knows of Paddington Bear right? With his jar of marmalade and his adventures! I can recall Paddington from my own childhood and that was 30-odd years ago! New for 2021, Paddington has launched a children’s educational magazine which is aimed at children aged 3-6 years old. Available every 4 weeks! The Adventures Of Paddington It’s fun, bright and is packed full of activities to keep the children entertained. With each issue having 36…

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The Benefits of CBD for Your Family’s Health

Maybe you’ve heard of CBD but aren’t sure if it’s legal or if it can be any good for you or your family? In this post, we hope to allay your fears and promote CBD as a helpful supplement for your family’s health and wellbeing. CBD is now completely legal and certified harmless. It also has a broad range of benefits that can support every mem3ber of your family regardless of their age or species.  CBD FOR PETS  If you have a pet, especially if you have a pet dog, you will know that animals are not so different from…

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Top Tips for Improving Your Finances

If, like many of us, you seem to be hitting the bottom of your monthly allowance every month, then it might be time to revisit your finances. It can be tough, especially during the last year and managing Covid, not for an occasional treat to turn into an everyday treat. Before you know it though, you’ve hit your overdraft and are in the red. Here are a few ways you can improve your finances and get yourself back in the positive. Managing Finances with Kids This is one of the hardest things. Especially if you’ve got a big family and…

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Why You Need More Adventure as a Mum

Pexels – CCO Licence You may be a mum with a million and one responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time out for yourself. When you become a parent, you put your needs aside for the good of your children, and although this is necessary to some extent, it can leave you feeling burnt out, stressed, and feeling like you don’t really know who you are anymore. Sound familiar? You need more adventure in your life. Here’s why: You’ll get yourself back When you go on an adventure, whether it’s volunteering abroad with ILA Vietnam or skydiving in…

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Giving Your Kids the Best Financial Future

Image Source Having kids comes hand in hand with all sorts of responsibility. We need to make sure that we provide them with absolutely everything they need and that we line them up to have the best and most successful futures possible. Of course, this entails all sorts of different factors. We need to make sure that they get a good education. We need to teach them manners, social skills and social etiquette. We need to encourage their passions and interests. But sadly, one thing that can significantly impact our children’s wellbeing and futures that may be a little more…

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AntiBacterial Slime From Canal Toys #AD

I don’t know about your children, but my children absolutely LOVE anything to do with slime! There’s a new Slime that has just been launched. Antibacterial Slime from Canal Toys! In these times of Covid-19, personal hygiene has never been so important.With the advice that we must be washing our hands for at least 20 seconds. Which can be a challenge if you’re out in public and can’t get access to washing facilities. Canal Toys have created an antibacterial slime which is proven to kill 99.9% of germs! How awesome is that?! A slime that children are going to love ‘playing’…

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Blending Traditional Home Features with Contemporary Designs

Traditional homes and features have long been popular in the housing market. While some people are drawn to the clean lines and sleek look of modern, new built homes, more and more buyers and renters are looking for homes with character and plenty of original features. Image Credit Depending on the age of your home, you can expect to find many traditional and unique features. In fact, many different features in older homes can help you to identify how old your home is. Georgian properties are likely to be townhouses and cover three to four floors with asymmetrical flat exterior…

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