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Tangle From Zuru Review- The Ultimate Sensory Fidget Toy

Having two children with Sensory Processing Disorder means sensory fidget toys are a staple in our house and for my boys to use at school!  One of our favourites is Tangle By Zuru.  Tangle is one of the most highly recommended educational and therapeutic toys worldwide for an incredibly wide range of Special and Additional Needs. The shape, colour, texture and visual impact of Tangle stimulates the brain and makes Tangle a fun and functional toy! Tangle is the original fidget toy, and a firm favourite for children and schools. The sensory and motor stimulation Tangle provides has been found…

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Learning Resources Design & Drill® My First Workbench Review

We are a massive fan of Learning Resources products here. So, when we were asked to review Learning Resources Design & Drill® My First Workbench we jumped at the chance. As a mum and childminder, I am always on the look out for toys and activities that don’t involve screen time and that are hands on and encourage practical learning. First Impressions The Learning Resources Design & Drill® My First Workbench comes with  storage drawer electric bolt driver, hammer 60 bolts 60 nails instruction guide (includes 10 patterns) The Learning Resources Design & Drill® My First Workbench itself is very…

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Christmas Toys- Traditional vs Electronic

With Christmas round the corner many parents are starting their Christmas shopping. We are then faced with the dilemma of what to buy! The adverts on TV have started with a frenzy and they are all designed to draw in young minds, so that their new toy becomes the “must have” item this year! The children then pressure their parents into buying them (or santa) as they simply “must have one!”, often for it to be discarded by Boxing Day! There is also the electronic vs traditional toy issue, with children spending so much time on screens, should electronic gadgets…

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9 Spook-tacular Children’s Halloween Books To Share With Your Kids

Autumn is in full swing, Halloween is just around the corner. What better thing to get you and your kiddies in the mood for Halloween by reading non-scary, fun filled Children’s Halloween books together. Here are some lovely Halloween themed books that I highly recommend for you to share with your kiddies.  That’s Not My Witch That’s not my… books are a firm favourite here. I love how love how the children turning the pages and touch the textured patches as they try to find their witch. The bright pictures and textured patches are designed to help develop sensory and…

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7 Hints And Tips For New Bloggers – What I Learnt After 6 Months Of Blogging

Today marks 6 months that I decided to start blogging and to create THIS MUMMY ROCKS. I can honestly say that starting a blog is one of the best things that I have done for myself. Check out why I started blogging…. You see, I am the type of person who likes to be kept busy, my mind has to be working on something otherwise I get restless. I like to be doing something productive but I also love helping people. Blogging is perfect for those things! I also know what it is like be a ‘newbie’ and feeling a…

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The Protein Ball Co. Review

The Protein Ball Co. are a UK based company producing healthy, high protein snacks using natural ingredients. Neatly packaged 45g bag contains six bite size balls. They are all gluten free and vegetarian with a couple of vegan choices too. There is a range of 8 unique flavours with 3 clean protein sources to suit your taste, health and lifestyle.  Coconut & Macadamia The coconut and macadamia flavour balls are made with whey protein making them a great protein source for a quick snack. The coconut flavour is really powerful and fresh, with the macadamia nuts hiding in the middle adding a lovely crunch…

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Tips that will Help You to Get Your Child into their Very First Bed

If you are making the transition from a cot to a bed then you will understand what a big moment this can be. You will also understand how much this can affect you and it is also a big deal for your child as well. Of course, if you are not careful then the whole thing can easily become a disaster. Your child may feel as though they are leaving the comfort of their current cot and they may also be reluctant to spend their first night in a bed as well. If you are not sure how to make…

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Random Acts Of Kindness With BearHugs Inc. A Discount Code (Review)

Research shows that helping others and performing Random Acts Of Kindness can be beneficial to our own mental health. It can reduce stress, improve our emotional wellbeing and even benefit our physical health. There are so many ways to show a Random Acts Of Kindness. Such as… Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while Send flowers to a friend Send someone a handwritten note Offer to babysit for a friend Tell your family members how much you love and appreciate them Make someone laugh Tell someone you know that you are proud of them Tell someone you…

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