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25 Questions to Ask Your Child After School With FREE Printable

“How was your day?” “Good.” “What did you do?” “I don’t remember.” Does this sounds familiar? When my boys walk in from school, I’m dying to know how their day was. What did they do? What did they learn? But most of the time when I ask them they give me one word answers. I realised my questions were too vague and not “interesting” enough to get them talking. The key is to not sound too eager (I know it’s hard to do). After school, I’ll let my boys come in, put their backpacks down, and grab a snack. Then I’ll…

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Top 10 Things Never to Say to a Mum of Boys

Being a Mum of boys. 5 to be exact. Yes you read that right….5 BOYS! I have come across some, shall we say ‘small minded’ comments. Over the years, at one point or another, I’ve had the below comments said to me. It does bother me that some people think just because you have all boys, you aren’t happy and you long for a daughter. Of course, yes it would be amazing to have a daughter but do I feel like I’m missing out? Absolutely not! This is my life and I love being a boy mum! Children are a blessing…

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29 Things To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day

We all have bad days, right?! Being a Mum is a tough job! I’m not going to lie and say it’s all rainbows and unicorns that smell of roses. There’s taking care of the kids, the house, the food shopping, paying the bills, playing taxi. The list is endless. But you know what? Us Mum’s can have bad days too!  And quite rightly, we are allowed them! We are only human, at the end of the day! We all have bad days. You know, those days when nothing seems to go right. Where no matter what you do or say…

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5 Reasons Why You CAN Cry In Front Of Your Children

Emotions are tricky things, and it can be really difficult both to hold it all together in front of your children, or to justify having a full on emotional breakdown in front of them! I have to say, I have had a fair few crying episodes in front of my children. Usually, though, it’s because i’ve burnt myself out and not had enough self care.  So here are 5 reasons why it’s ok to cry in front of your children… It teaches them empathy Whenever I have a bad day mental health wise and the tears just come on their…

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5 Life Improving Reasons Why Should Children Play Sports – HTI Sports

Sports, whether it be team-based or individual, are a great activity for children. Sports provide a variety of benefits other than physical activity. Taking part in sports can help build self-esteem and confidence. Also can motivate children to do well academically and can help build social skills. Taking part in sport can also teach children the benefits of goal-setting and practice. Physical Activity Physical activity is the most obvious and well known benefit of sports. With the use of technology such as tablets,  games consoles and 24 hour tv services, children are often spend too much time using ‘screen time’…

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Diabetes Awareness – The Day I Lost My Best Friend, My Partner In Crime, My Mum

Let’s Start At The Beginning… I grew up the only child to my parents. I was their one and only little girl. After 14 years of trying they finally fell pregnant with me. You see, my Mum was ‘poorly’ (God, if she heard me say that, she would’ve given me a piece of her mind) At the age of 8 she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Now if you don’t know a lot about Diabetes, In my opinion, its a ticking time bomb. I would honestly say that it is up there with the most hideous illnesses alongside Cancer,…

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24 Ways For Busy Mum’s To Make Time For YOU! With FREE Cheatsheet

As a busy mummy, I bet that you’re always looking after everyone else. Making sure everyone else is ok. Being a mum is a very stressful and busy role to play! You, as a Mum make everyone’s lives easy and stress-free. Apart from your own. I can bet my bottom dollar that you forget to take the time out to care for yourself and make time for you!  As a mum you might work, be looking after kids, ferrying the kids too and from school and activities and home again. You look after the kids, finding ways to keep them entertained…

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Our Day At Mother Shipton’s Cave

We have been looking for days out in and around North Yorkshire. We came across Mother Shipton’s Cave and thought, why don’t we go and check it out?!  As a family, we have recently found a love for North Yorkshire. We are very fortunate to live within an hours drive of North Yorkshire countryside. I can’t even describe how beautiful the area is. It just has an amazing aura about it.  Mother Shipton’s Cave is in Knaresbrough, North Yorkshire. Mother Shipton is one of England’s most famous prophetess. Mother Shipton is said to See the cave where she was born, beside…

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