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Why I Decide To Start Blogging

So, I have a few people ask me ‘Why I Decided To Start Blogging’.  Over the years I have been through some amount of, shall we call it, ‘unfortunate circumstances’. From depression, eating disorders, being a single mum, being a victim of domestic violence and losing my Mum. I don’t want to tell you too about my life experiences right now, as I will no doubt write about it all in my blog. My personal stories will be in the THIS IS MY STORY category. By rights, I shouldn’t be here. But I am! Turning the negatives experiences and life…

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Our Day At The Forbidden Corner

With the weather forecast showing it was going to be a bright and sunny at the weekend we decided to book up to go to The Forbidden Corner, Tupgill Park, North Yorkshire. PIN ME FOR LATER Myself and Matthew had been to The Forbidden Corner with our older sons Cameron, Harvey and Mckenzie around 6 years ago, when I was pregnant with Caelan. Now that Caelan and Cohen are older we couldn’t wait to involve them in a visit. The Forbidden Corner is situated in the Yorkshire Dales and hosts some magnificent views. Now, if you can Imagine a combination…

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The Ultimate Guide To Baby Led Weaning

What Is Baby Led  Weaning? Basically, Baby led weaning is all about letting your baby lead the way by feeding themselves. Forget the purees and spoon feeding your baby. It’s all about letting them explore the foods they are given. Letting them pick up the food, squash it, squeeze it, lick it and suck it. Most importantly improving those hand-eye coordination skills and actually getting the food to the mouth for a taste. Allowing them to explore different textures and working those jaw muscles which aren’t only important for chewing the food, but also speech development. Baby Led Weaning is…

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Post Natal Depression – My Personal Experience

Mental health has always been apart of my life. Growing up with a Mum who struggled with mental health issues and myself experiencing mental health issues from my teens. Mental health was not new to me. In the past I had experienced depression, anxiety, low self esteem and eating disorders. (Check out my post DO YOU EVER WONDER. for more about that) But, nothing could prepare me for my experience of Post Natal Depression. I don’t know about you but when I was pregnant I didn’t even give my mental health a thought. Yes, I was more than aware of pre…

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17 Adulting Problems No One Ever Prepared You For

While scrolling through my social media I came across this quote about Adulting Problems…. It got me thinking, What Is The One Adulting Problem No One Ever Prepared Me For? For me, it was that I have my own mind and learning how to stand up for myself. Know that I could say No, that I had a voice and I could use it. For many others, it’s often about money, and learning how to get debt free, understanding mortgages or grappling with their careers. Also how to look for a potential future partner. Is speed dating in London the…

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BlogOn X – My First Blogging Conference

In just over a week, on Sunday 6th May 2018, I’m going to my first blogging conference, BlogOn X. [wpdevart_countdown text_for_day=”Days” text_for_hour=”Hours” text_for_minut=”Minutes” text_for_second=”Seconds” countdown_end_type=”date” end_date=”06-05-2018 09:30″ start_time=”1524919375″ end_time=”0,0,1″ action_end_time=”hide” content_position=”center” top_ditance=”10″ bottom_distance=”10″ ][/wpdevart_countdown] I am going to be completely honest with you – I have very mixed feelings about attending BlogOn X! Having never attended any blogging events yet since I started blogging, I am a little unsure of what to expect. I have heard that BlogOn is not too busy, very informative and friendly. Bonus. I do think that BlogOn X will be a perfect start for me,…

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Teeth Brushing Tips – 13 Ways To Get Kid’s To Brush Their Teeth

Teeth Brushing Tips – 13 Ways To Get Kid’s To Brush Their Teeth Who can relate? Every morning and evening when it comes to getting washed and teeth brushing, your little darlings turn into something from the exorcist. Because, as soon as you set foot into the bathroom and they see the toothbrush and toothpaste they change into tantrum throwing little monsters. You know, like Gizmo from the Gremlins, when you feed him after midnight. I honestly don’t know how teeth brushing can cause such a fuss. It got to a point in my house that i’m sure the neighbours…

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Kid’s Dental Health Crisis – What Can We Do As Parents?

Teeth Brushing Tips – 13 Ways To Get Kid’s To Brush Their TeethKid’s Dental Health Crisis – What Can We As Parent’s Do? There has been a lot of news at the moment around Kid’s Dental Health and the fact that high levels of sugar intake are causing an epidemic of children needing tooth extractions. In fact numbers stand at around 170 daily. With children’s tooth extractions due to tooth decay being the England and Wales number one reason for child hospital admissions. In 2016-2017 there were close to 43,000 tooth extractions alone in under 18’s. Costing £36 million! That’s…

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