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3 Benefits of Moving into a New Housing Development

It is that time – you have made it! You have worked hard and are ready to make your first foray into the housing market, but where do you look first? The options can be overwhelming, but it is important to layout your priorities to help direct your decision about what kind of home you want to live in. In this article, we will be looking specifically at the advantages to be found in buying a new house over an older one. Attractive housing developments, like Highland Bridge in Minnesota, are being built by premier builders across the country and…

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Creating an Eco-Friendly Home

Creating a home that is more environmentally friendly can be done with projects as big as installing solar panelling to as small as simply turning the faucet off when you are brushing your teeth. Being more eco-friendly means making proactive changes to your normal routine to help reduce your use of electricity and water as well as how much of your waste is sitting in a landfill. This may all seem like a daunting task but, trust us, it’s not! There are so many changes that you can make today for more eco-friendly home and we are going to go…

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Working Mums: How to Improve Your Efficiency at Work

Being more efficient at work really comes down to being more efficient with your time, however with schools closed and parents juggling both work and home-schooling, this has become next to impossible! To help you keep on top of it all, here are a few tips for working mums on how to improve your efficiency… Plan Ahead Spend some time each evening making a plan for the day ahead. This could include a plan of activities to keep your children busy, as well as a plan of your own work tasks. It is a good idea to look at the…

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How Much Do You Know About Your Fertility?

I have collaborated with a fertility clinic in London to share some helpful information on fertility, as well as some expert advice on how to look after your body in preparation for pregnancy… Age Many couples are unable to conceive a baby naturally and seek the help of fertility treatments like IVF. In fact, as many as one in seven couples in the UK are affected by infertility. One of the most common causes of infertility is age. Many of us know that as a woman ages her fertility declines, but did you know that sperm quality also declines with…

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4 Reasons Why Being Part of an Assisted Housing Community Benefits the Elderly

There is no doubt that senior citizens benefit greatly from being part of a community of like-minded people as they can share memories with those that remember them equally well or are trying to. Memories that with support can end up at the forefront of their minds. All it needs is a catalyst. Assisted housing can be considered. So, it is worth checking out what is available, such as the opportunities that Assisted Living Waconia MN have to offer.  Independence Inside a care home you are still part of a community yet not as independent as if living in assisted…

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Coping When Your Child Goes To University Abroad

Eventually, your children reach an age where they spread their wings and fly from the nest. For most parents, this happens when your kids are 18 and ready to go to university. While some may stay local and remain at home, others set off on wild adventures across the world. For a young adult, the prospect of studying abroad is too good of a chance to pass up. Imagine being able to live in a different country for at least three years?! It’s sad to admit, but they’re not thinking about you when they make their decision. All they’re thinking…

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Why Everybody With A Learning Disability Needs A Health Passport

While scrolling through my social media newsfeed a post from the Guardian caught my attention. Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with a learning disability. Basically, the article outlines how individuals who had caught Covid-19 and were identified as having a learning disability such as Downs Syndrome and Autism, have had a Do Not Resuscitate orders (DNR) given to them. That individuals with learning disabilities have been massively discriminated against during this Covid-19 pandemic. Being a mum of 3 sons with disabilities including Autism and ADHD, you can only imagine how the anxiety ripped through me!…

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How To Create Extra Kitchen Storage

One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. It is usually the hub of activity. From cooking to baking, dining and hosting, a lot goes on in the kitchen. However, it is often a room that gets neglected when it comes to renovations. In previous years, we didn’t need so much space in a kitchen as we had far fewer gadgets and even ingredients. Nowadays, our kitchens are filled with pots and pans, nifty gadgets and food from all around the world, which means we need a lot more space! A kitchen needs to be functional…

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