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It’s easy to understand why children might resist doing homework after a long and tiring day at school, or at the weekends when they just want to relax. Who can blame them for wanting to do fun things in their time off school? The key though is to try and make homework one of those fun activities they actually look forward to doing. Read on for some tips from a private school in Oxford on how you can make homework more fun for your child.  Get creative It’s important to tailor homework activities to your child’s unique learning style to…

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As well as being a fun and enjoyable activity, participating in music lessons helps your child develop a number of important skills and benefits them in a variety of ways both physically and mentally. They might find they are naturally gifted at a particular instrument, or it might take them quite a bit of practice to master one, but either way music lessons will have a positive impact on their development. Here an independent school in London outlines the benefits of music lessons in schools.  Increased confidence By persevering and reaching their goals with a specific instrument, children will learn…

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Choosing the right school for your child can seem like a momentous decision and one we don’t want to get wrong. There are likely many factors that will go into the decision, including your child’s individual needs and personality. There are many options to consider, which can be both a good and a bad thing! It’s important to know what to look for in a school to give your child the best start to their education. If you’re weighing up the choices, here are some tips from a prep school in Middlesex to give you a helping hand.  Make a…

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Ways to Improve Your Child’s Mental Well Being

Pexels Image With this week being Mental Health Awareness Week it is certainly a fitting time to highlight this issue as it can affect anyone. 2020 was a particularly stressful year for children with reports indicating that there was a 70% increase in the number of schoolchildren that were affected by feelings of depression during the pandemic. So it is more important than ever to be on the lookout for any changes in your child’s behaviour.  Be Supportive and Encouraging You are the best person to know whether something is not right regarding the general mood and wellbeing of your…

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How to Choose a Family-Friendly Vehicle

Choosing a family-friendly vehicle is a big deal, as there is so much you need to consider. A car plays such a significant role in family life, as it makes parenting so much easier. Being able to drive to the supermarket to get groceries is so much less stressful than trying to navigate the kids onto a bus and then trying to carry shopping home. When family life is so hectic, being without your vehicle can be a major inconvenience. If the time has come for you to trade in your old vehicle for a new set of wheels, then…

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Want to become a teacher? Here are three things you should consider

Few things are as rewarding as teaching a child and the feeling of achievement that you get when a child begins to understand a complicated task after your careful explanation. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of the children in your school. However, there are certain things you should be aware of if a career in the teaching profession is something that you would like to pursue. Read on for three things you should consider if you want to become a teacher.  Teacher training programs To become a teacher, you must…

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