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Motivational Playlist For Mummies Needing A Pick Me Up

I don’t know about you, but I find that listening to motivational playlist and songs while chilling out or having a full on dance around lifts my mood and give me that little boost I need from time to time. Especially at those times when being a parent can be tough. Every now and again I will find life as a parent can be overwhelming. Everything seems to come along at once. Medical appointments, meetings, the need for new school shoes, a payment for a school trip…etc. It’s never ending. You wonder how you are going to juggle everything to…

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27 Unwritten Rules Of Parenting

27 Unwritten Rules Of Parenting Let’s all face it, as parents at some point on our parenting journey’s; we’ve all experienced criticism regarding our parenting and how we ‘should’ raise our children. Majority of this ‘advice’ is given to us when we haven’t even asked for it. It’s upon the other persons inspection, them speaking their mind. People telling us how we ‘should’ be parenting our kids. The way we ‘should’ be feeding them. The type of nappies we ‘should’ use. Telling us how to discipline our children when they are having a tantrum in public. Telling us the ‘old…

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11 Unplugged Screen-Free Fun Activities For Kids

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be challenging to come up with fresh, kid-friendly Unplugged Screen-Free Fun Activities that don’t involve some sort of technical device. Such as games consoles and tablets. Especially if it feels like your child’s life pretty much revolves around them. Which, I will admit, I do feel my own 5 boys spend way too much time on electronics. They always seem to get their hands on a controller, mobile phone or tablet. I often find even with suggesting that my boys go outside to play, they, 9 times out of 10, still manage to…

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Why I Decide To Start Blogging

So, I have a few people ask me ‘Why I Decided To Start Blogging’.  Over the years I have been through some amount of, shall we call it, ‘unfortunate circumstances’. From depression, eating disorders, being a single mum, being a victim of domestic violence and losing my Mum. I don’t want to tell you too about my life experiences right now, as I will no doubt write about it all in my blog. My personal stories will be in the THIS IS MY STORY category. By rights, I shouldn’t be here. But I am! Turning the negatives experiences and life…

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Our Day At The Forbidden Corner

With the weather forecast showing it was going to be a bright and sunny at the weekend we decided to book up to go to The Forbidden Corner, Tupgill Park, North Yorkshire. PIN ME FOR LATER Myself and Matthew had been to The Forbidden Corner with our older sons Cameron, Harvey and Mckenzie around 6 years ago, when I was pregnant with Caelan. Now that Caelan and Cohen are older we couldn’t wait to involve them in a visit. The Forbidden Corner is situated in the Yorkshire Dales and hosts some magnificent views. Now, if you can Imagine a combination…

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The Ultimate Guide To Baby Led Weaning

What Is Baby Led  Weaning? Basically, Baby led weaning is all about letting your baby lead the way by feeding themselves. Forget the purees and spoon feeding your baby. It’s all about letting them explore the foods they are given. Letting them pick up the food, squash it, squeeze it, lick it and suck it. Most importantly improving those hand-eye coordination skills and actually getting the food to the mouth for a taste. Allowing them to explore different textures and working those jaw muscles which aren’t only important for chewing the food, but also speech development. Baby Led Weaning is…

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