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Coping When Your Child Goes To University Abroad

Eventually, your children reach an age where they spread their wings and fly from the nest. For most parents, this happens when your kids are 18 and ready to go to university. While some may stay local and remain at home, others set off on wild adventures across the world. For a young adult, the prospect of studying abroad is too good of a chance to pass up. Imagine being able to live in a different country for at least three years?! It’s sad to admit, but they’re not thinking about you when they make their decision. All they’re thinking…

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Why Everybody With A Learning Disability Needs A Health Passport

While scrolling through my social media newsfeed a post from the Guardian caught my attention. Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with a learning disability. Basically, the article outlines how individuals who had caught Covid-19 and were identified as having a learning disability such as Downs Syndrome and Autism, have had a Do Not Resuscitate orders (DNR) given to them. That individuals with learning disabilities have been massively discriminated against during this Covid-19 pandemic. Being a mum of 3 sons with disabilities including Autism and ADHD, you can only imagine how the anxiety ripped through me!…

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How To Create Extra Kitchen Storage

One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. It is usually the hub of activity. From cooking to baking, dining and hosting, a lot goes on in the kitchen. However, it is often a room that gets neglected when it comes to renovations. In previous years, we didn’t need so much space in a kitchen as we had far fewer gadgets and even ingredients. Nowadays, our kitchens are filled with pots and pans, nifty gadgets and food from all around the world, which means we need a lot more space! A kitchen needs to be functional…

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3 ways to make your patients more comfortable in their hospital bed

There are often complaints that hospital beds aren’t comfortable. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but it happens enough for there to be a slight stigma against hospital beds, just like there’s a stigma against hospital food. Perhaps it’s because they’ve worn overtime or maybe they weren’t comfortable in the first place, but for someone who may be in a great deal of pain, a decent bed might just be able to ease that pain. That’s why many hospitals and practices opt to look at the hospital bed mattresses at so that they can make their patients feel…

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3 Reasons You Should Pay More Attention To Your Kids’ Online Activity

Image credit. All our kids have access to the Internet nowadays – even if we restrict their time online, they still watch, listen to and learn things online. As parents, our job is to protect our kids from the harms of the world, teaching them how to look after themselves so that they can become well-rounded, self-sufficient adults. However, giving our kids free reign online makes it difficult to protect them from the things they might see, read, learn or believe from their searches on the internet.  While nobody wants to be a “helicopter parent” – that is, a parent…

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Making Home Educating As Simple & Stress-Free As Possible

It’s no secret that homeschooling can be a rather stressful experience for parents who wouldn’t normally opt to homeschool their children. Thanks to the current pandemic and ongoing lockdowns up and down the country, more parents than ever before are having to homeschool their children. Becoming a homeschooling parent isn’t an easy task; it’s actually far more complex to homeschool than you might think.  Homeschooling is a lot more stressful than you may realise; there’s a lot of pressure to get things right. As a parent, being asked to home educate your child can feel like a lot to take,…

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How to Inspire Children to Be More Creative

As parents, we should do everything we can to facilitate the fast development of our children’s brains. One of the most powerful tips to do that is by fostering creativity. The skill not only enables the brains of our kids to develop quickly but also boosts their self-confidence.  This is especially important if our child has experienced a negative life event beforehand. For example, while there are plenty of children that are looked after impeccably, some children who go through the adoption process can find themselves lacking in that confidence. Correspondingly, when it comes to adoption san antonio and many…

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Make Your Home Beautiful on a Budget

We all want an impressive home. Whether it be to show off to our friends and family when we invite them over for events like Thanksgiving and Christmas, or simply so we can enjoy them ourselves as we go about our daily lives, having a space that is wholly ours and wholly beautiful is a wonderful thing. What is not so wonderful, however, is how expensive this can get. Some of us are lucky to not have to worry about costs, but most of us have a bottom line at the end of every month. Thankfully, there are plenty of…

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