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Science Experiments For Kids With Ultimate Gross Science :: AD

science experiments for kids with ultimate gross science

I’m always on the lookout for cool and exciting activities for my boys to do to keep them entertained and out of mischief. Especially as this week as is Autumn Half term here, which this year falls over Halloween. I’m wanting to incorporate Halloween activities into our week as Halloween is going to be a little bit different this year with all of the Covid-19 restrictions in place. What better way than to do some science experiments for kids?

John Adams has kindly sent us Ultimate Gross Science to try out and review.

Ultimate Gross Science is a kit full of science experiments for kids. And it really is full of gross science. With 13 fun-filled science experiments which help them explore and understand how the human body functions.

Can you think of anything more relevant for Halloween half term?!

Science Experiments For Kids

But here’s the thing…while they think they’re making poo, eyeballs and vomit. They’re actually getting in some STEM learning!



Ultimate Gross Science comes with everything (bar a few bits) you need to carry out the 13 experiments safely in your own home. With the science experiments for kids being aimed at children 8 years+. Some of the experiments do require adult supervision. Which to be honest isn’t an issue because I think myself and my husband had as much fun doing these experiments as the kids.

The science experiments include

  • Fart Facts
  • Bouncy eyeball
  • Snot Swot
  • Pus Points
  • Blood Basics
  • Vomit vitals

They really do sound gross don’t they?

All of the science experiments for kids are laid out in an instruction manual, which is really clear, simple and easy to follow. With illustrated step by step instructions and a fun fact to go with each experiment.

Did you know that most people fart about 14-22 times per day! And farts can travel at speeds of 7 mph! Who Knew?!

I personally loved how I could let my boys do the majority of the science experiments themselves with a small amount of input from myself and my husband. But as I said earlier, we, being big kids wanted to join in with the Gross science too.

I also loved the fact that the science experiments were fun and my boys were actually learning about bodily function, even if some of them are pretty gross. It certainly made them more aware of their own bodies, which spurred them on to ask lots of questions which extended the activities and learning.

We really did have lots of fun with Ultimate Gross Science. It provided the perfect family fun filled afternoon of learning and certainly lots of laughter and giggles with all the talk of ‘bodily functions’. You know ‘how boys are’, (stereotypical I know) they love all things ‘pumps’ ‘farts’ ‘bottom burps’ ‘poop’…if you’re a boy mum you will 100% understand this.

I highly recommend John Adams Ultimate Gross Science.

John Adams Ultimate Gross Science is available from all good toys stores including

John Adams also have a wide selection for science experiments for kids

*This post contains affiliate links if you purchase anything through them I may receive a small fee 

*This post contains affiliate links if you purchase anything through them I may receive a small fee 

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