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Scream Factory 2018 Review – Mummy Daddy Date Night

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When I was contacted by the Scream Factory team to gain VIP access to their Extreme tour, I couldn’t say no!

Matthew and I were in need of a Mummy Daddy Date Night. And with Halloween being just around the corner and our love for all things supernatural, weird and wonderful, we couldn’t wait to take on the experience of the Scream Factory. 

Now I can tell you that Scream Factory’s Extreme Tour is not for the faint-hearted!

Set in the eerie grounds behind Kirkleatham Museum. The unguided tour lasts around 45-50 minutes in groups of no more than ten.

There are nine areas where you will be met with the delights of  nursery rhyme singing butchers, zombies, clowns, the flickering lights of the old cinema blinding their way and the fear of entering the disused mine and under ground sewers. As well as recognisable scenes from well known horror movies!

stream factory zombies

The whole experience really messes with your senses, from being chased into complete darkness by clowns and zombies to strobe lights in a black and white stripped room with a tilted floor! Spinning rooms and tunnels. 

scream factory wanna play a game

With all the sights, sounds and smells you’d expect to find on Hollywood movie set, Scream Factory 2018 is not to be missed. 

If you imagine, a horror movie set, but actually being a part of it! 

It’s out of this world!

We found ourselves having to feel our way round, random hands coming down from ceilings, figures coming out of nowhere, zombies crawling the floors of the grave yard! 

scream factory butcher

I haven’t laughed so much in a long time, but there were time where a few swear words escaped and I had to run! 

We couldn’t fault it! 

We will certainly be back next year, as I hear they extend the experience more and more each year! 

If you’re in the North East, it’s well worth a visit. 

scream factory figure

Not only do Scream Factory do an Extreme tour, they also do a Twilight tour which is family friendly! Perfect for your little monsters! With The Spook School! After completing the Twilight Tour there’s no need to rush off, join the Spook School and take part in everything from Broomstick Training to Wand Waving Skills, enabling you to become the spookiest of them all. All Spook School students will receive a sticker on passing.

Designed for ages 3+

Sponsored by Water Babies Tees

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  1. November 16, 2018 / 4:21 am

    it looks really scary, Claire! I just have the faintest heart, I think I’d enjoy Twilight Tour!

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