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Screen-Free Coding with Coding Critters From Learning Resources :: AD

Coding Critters™ Ranger & Zip

If you’re already a reader, you will know that we as a family adore Learning Resources and their products.

Learning Resources have been amazing with helping us alongside our Lockdown Learning Journey

I’m always on the lookout for activities and resources that will compliment my children’s learning and that of my childminding children in our care.

The lovely team at Learning Resources sent us Coding Critters™  Ranger & Zip

Well what can I say? We adore this coding based learning resource! It was a big hit with my boys.

Designed for 4 years+ Coding Critters are interactive pets. They come in various designs including dinosaurs, cats and dogs.

Introducing 100% screen-free coding and programming skills through play for kids. Each pet-themed coding robot teaches early STEM concepts through basic coding and activities, featuring challenging coding games too.

Coding Critters comes with a storybook. In this storybook, you can follow the story and directions on how to use Coding Critters and go on an adventure. The storybook introduces the two modes available on the Coding Critters. The 2 modes are play mode and code mode.

The story book enables your child to connect to their Coding Critter interactive pet.

Code mode teaches your child how to produce basic code by using the buttons on the top of Ranger.

My boys particularly liked that they could make up little adventures of their own. Working out what instructions they had to programme into Ranger to achieve the outcome they wanted.

Play mode is more of a freestyle mode which offers tonnes of fun interactive play with Ranger. Play mode allows your child to pet and feed Ranger. As well as get him dance, nap and patrol.

My boys loved how Ranger interacted by barking.

One thing we loved about Coding Critters was how simple it was to set up and use. My boys picked up the instructions straight away and away they went!

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Screen-Free Coding with Coding Critters™ From Learning Resources

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