Welcome to The SEND Signpost.

Being a SEND parent, with 3 of my 5 children being SEND, I’ve identified some gaps in the system. (There’s quite a few)

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You see no one tells you about SEND parenting when you’re pregnant, the baby and parenting books don’t include SEND and what it involves.
It’s kind of a taboo subject.
No one signposts you to services that could benefit your family.
No one signposts you towards yours and your children’s rights.
Certainly, no one prepares you for the fight and emotional and mental strain it puts on you and your family.
No one tells you how lonely it’s going to be because no one fully understands your situation being a parent to a child with SEND.

Through The SEND Signpost, I want to build a community which offers help and support for SEND families.
Where other SEND families can meet and learn from each other.
An inclusive platform where SEND families can educate the public on SEND and conditions related to it.
Basically signpost SEND families to the information, services and support they need to make their SEND journey that little bit easier.