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Simple Methods to Reduce Stress in your Life

Stress is now a part of modern life. In some cases, we are stressed and are not even aware of it, as we have become used to living with a high level of stress for many years. Unfortunately, stress is not healthy and, over time, can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health. If you are stressed, it can impact your friends and family too. So, it is very important to find ways to reduce stress. Luckily, there are many tried and tested methods that can help you relieve stress and live a happier life.

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Cut Down on Caffeine

If you have too much of the stimulant caffeine found in coffee, it can increase your stress and anxiety levels. Not only that, but it can disrupt your sleeping patterns too, and sleep is essential for a healthy mind. If you drink more than five cups regularly, try to cut it back, and don’t consume it late at night. If you are able to do this, you may actually find yout5 energy levels increasing as a result.

Laugh More

Laughing really is good medicine and a natural stress buster too. It can also boost your immunity levels, so all around it’s a great thing to get more of. So, why not watch that comedy, or have a little fun at home. Every time we laugh, we are not concentrating on the things that make us anxious or cause us stress. 

Take Some Supplements

There are plenty of natural stress-busting supplements out there that have a calming effect. Why not try some green tea which increases the happy hormone serotonin while reducing the stressful ones. Simply CBD is also known for its anxiety-reducing and stress-busting qualities, as is lemon balm. If you are feeling a bit stressed, natural remedies could help calm you down and help you cope with the every day.

Say ‘No’

Learning to say ‘no’ to people is an absolute must if you want to reduce your stress levels. Life is already busy enough without putting yourself out all the time. If your gut tells you to say no, don’t be a people pleaser. Listen to it, apologize and say no. You will feel so much better about it. It may even help you increase your level of self-esteem as you will no longer feel like everyone else’s skivvy.


Exercise is a double whammy. Not only does it reduce your stress levels, but it helps you look better and feel better in the process. It naturally reduces cortisol, the stress hormone in the body, while flooding your brain with endorphins which make you feel great. You don’t have to go from zero to hero. Start slow, walk a few times a week, and maybe build this up to a run. Over time you will definitely feel your confidence levels rise, and you may actually start sleeping better too. Exercise is also known to increase your overall energy levels, so you are better prepared for those unexpected events.

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