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5 Simple Tips On Planning A Kid’s Party

When it’s your kiddies birthday coming up, you’ll want to make their day super special. Kids parties can take a little bit of planning, but it’s well worth it to achieve amazing results!

1 . Choose a theme

With the right party theme, you can make your kid’s party really magical! You might like to choose the theme based on their favourite book, or movie? Or perhaps might a theme such as jungle, under the sea, superheroes, or mythical creatures? There are plenty of themed party ideas out there; it’s just a case of choosing which one you think your kid will love best! With the right theme, you can make your child’s party super special.

2. Party Planning App

To help you plan the perfect kids party, why not try using a party planning app? The PartyMaker is a great choice; you can use this app for any occasion, from kid’s parties to engagements. Using the app, you can access features such as personalized digital invitations, to-do list, guest list and more. It’s simple to use, just set up your event page, and start inviting your guests. Each event comes with a private album, so after the party, you can store and share your photos with all who attended.

3. Covid Friendly

As we are all well aware, gatherings must now adhere to social distancing restrictions, to keep everyone safe. Here are a few ways you can keep your kids’ party Covid friendly.

  • Limit your guests: Government guidelines in most countries are advising or imposing restrictions about how many people can gather in one place, (for example, no more than six).
  • Social distancing: While socializing and playing party games, it is advisable to maintain social distancing, keeping at least 1-2 metres apart.
  • Hand sanitizing stations: You should set up hand sanitizing stations so that guests can wash their wash at frequent intervals.

4. Pick Your Party Games

Party games are what all the kids look forward to, so it’s nice to spend a bit of time planning these. If you need any ideas for kids party games, check out the ‘Best Birthday Party Games’ app. Here you can get reminders of all your old favourites, plus learn some brand new party games too. It can be fun to add a few prizes to make the games that little bit more fun.

5. Make Your Party Bags 

Party bags make any kids party, and there are many different gifts you can put inside! A few options include kids, toys, sweets, arts and kid’s activities, and of course, some delicious birthday cake. Why not bring a polaroid camera to the party and you can also include cute photos in the bags as party favours?

Hopefully, these five tips will help you to create a real fun kid’s party. It’s best to start planning early (to minimise the stress and stay organized)! From the invites to the decorations and the food, there really is plenty to do!

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