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Slowing the Sniffles: Minimising Allergies in the Home

There are times of the year where we are exposed to various allergies, which can be difficult when our children are more susceptible to food allergies or hayfever. Generally, when our children go back to school, they are exposed to more cold and flu bugs, meaning that they will be guaranteed a sniffle or two. But when we keep them home, we have to remember that there are also allergies that we are exposing them and us to. But how can we minimise potential allergens in our home environment?

Keep Your Eyes Out for Mould

One of the biggest cause of allergens in the home is mould. If we don’t have many opportunities to clean around the house properly, we could very well miss a patch of mould growing somewhere which can cause issues such as asthma and constant allergy symptoms. We’ve got to be vigilant in this respect, and while we can do things like airing bathrooms after we’ve showered, we need to keep an eye out for mould. There are smart home monitors that can detect mould, which you can find out more about online. We can also use dehumidifiers to reduce mould. Mould is one of those things that needs cleaning as soon as it is seen. This will go a long way to reduce symptoms of allergies.

Controlling Dust Mites

If you or your children have a tight chest, it’s likely to be down to dust mites. If you have a heavily carpeted home it is important to ensure that it can be as free of dust mites as possible. Where possible, you would ideally remove carpets and would avoid wall-to-wall carpets but if you need a carpet the best approach is to have low pile carpet or just have rugs that you can wash. Heavy fabrics can be a haven for dust mites.

Reducing Humidity

We need to find ways to reduce humidity in the home, such as a dehumidifier or an air conditioner. While we need to keep our windows and doors closed to ensure that allergens don’t come from the outside during hayfever season we need to ensure that the air isn’t too humid.

Constant Cleaning

While this isn’t an ideal solution for the busy parent, if you’ve got pets, the dander from dogs and cats can cause allergic reactions. Where possible, use a handheld vacuum just to clean up any key areas where dust mites or hair could linger. You should also use allergen resistant covers on your pillows and mattresses. In addition to this, washing them at a high temperature can kill dust mites. 

Reducing allergies in the home can be about simple practices. If you have allergies yourself it’s important to keep on top of the cleaning. If you lead a busy life and cleaning is something that isn’t done much, perhaps it’s time to hire a cleaner to do this for you. Allergies in the home can cause a multitude of reactions, and as the home is the only place we have control over, this is where we need to reduce them as much as possible.

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    Thank you for sharing these helpful tips! Glad I stopped by your blog!

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