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Supporting Your Child through their GCSEs

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Choosing GCSEs subjects can be a challenging time for some students. They will need plenty of support from their parents in order to choose wisely and get organised for this next chapter in their education.

Here is a great guide from an independent college in Bath for parents who want to support their children through their GCSEs…

Firstly, if your child is feeling anxious or overwhelmed about choosing their GCSE subjects, take some time to reassure them. Always keep a positive attitude and explain that this is an exciting point in their school life because now they have a chance to focus on the subjects they enjoy the most. The subjects they choose now could even help to form the foundations of their future career.
Discuss your child’s favourite subjects, because enjoyment of a subject will lead to the best results.

Deciding which GCSEs to choose involves a number of factors; for example your child’s interests, which subjects their school offers and your child’s future plans. Talk to your son or daughter about what they wish to do after school, such as university or a particular career interest. These kinds of conversations will prompt your child to think about their academic strengths and how they could benefit their future.

If your child does have a particular career interest, you could research the qualifications needed in order to secure a role in that industry. However, it’s also worth encouraging them to select a variety of subjects that will allow them to explore and develop a range of skills. In doing so, they are keeping their options open in case they change their mind about a particular career later on.

The best thing you can do to support your child through their GCSE’s is to help them to collect as much information as possible. Relevant information will help to make your child’s decision making as stress-free as possible. Try to face this milestone together with your child and help them to research all of their options.

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