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It can be hard to watch our children struggling with things, but facing hurdles and overcoming them actually builds children’s confidence and prepares them for the future where they’ll no doubt face many challenges. As parents we need to teach our children to face difficulties head-on and learn important lessons from the process which they can take with them into adult life. Here’s some advice from a prep school in Hertfordshire on how you can teach your child to overcome obstacles. 

Be a role model

Make sure your child sees you approaching and overcoming setbacks and challenges with positivity and determination. Get them involved in setting goals for things you want to achieve and working towards them with dedication and persistence. They’ll learn a lot seeing you face difficulties and work through them, and you can teach them valuable lessons along the way. 

Don’t rescue

It might be tempting to rush in and help your child when you see them struggling with something, but if you do this too often or too quickly they won’t learn they’re capable of overcoming problems themselves. When left to their own resources, children often figure things out independently and learn in the process that they’re more capable than perhaps they thought they were. This in turn boosts their confidence and self-esteem.  

Practise problem-solving

You can role play problem-solving at home by playing games as a family which challenge your child to think independently and come up with their own solutions to difficulties; for example, puzzles or board games where they have to overcome an obstacle to get to the end goal will teach them about tackling challenges head-on and approaching them with optimism to achieve a desired result. You could also get your child involved in strategizing and planning family activities and outings to boost their belief in their own abilities. 

Find the lessons in failure

Help your child understand that failure is an inevitable part of life for everyone but it’s nothing to shy away from. Prompt them to identify the learning opportunities in any situation involving failure, so they see that not only is it normal but it’s also a chance to grow. By doing this your child will be less likely to avoid obstacles in the future. 

Helping your child develop the skills and confidence to overcome problems and setbacks will set them up for adult life where they’ll face many struggles and challenges and be able to tackle them proactively and positively. 

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