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focused ethnic kid playing piano with sibling at home

As well as being a fun and enjoyable activity, participating in music lessons helps your child develop a number of important skills and benefits them in a variety of ways both physically and mentally. They might find they are naturally gifted at a particular instrument, or it might take them quite a bit of practice to master one, but either way music lessons will have a positive impact on their development. Here an independent school in London outlines the benefits of music lessons in schools. 

Increased confidence

By persevering and reaching their goals with a specific instrument, children will learn what they are capable of and feel proud of their achievements. This in turn boosts their self-esteem and confidence in themselves. Having others praise them for their hard work in mastering an instrument will also make them feel good about themselves, which could have a knock-on effect on other areas of their life. 

Social skills

If your child takes part in group music lessons, they’ll learn to work as part of a team where all the members must complement each other and work harmoniously. This will enhance their communication and interpersonal skills as they learn to cooperate with others to reach a goal. They’ll also feel a sense of community and belonging to their musical group, and an important connection to others through shared experience.  


Children often like to express themselves through creative activities such as music or art. They can explore their feelings through music and use it to channel emotion in a healthy way. If your child is quiet and reserved, they may find that playing an instrument gives them a voice and an outlet for any pent up feelings. In this way music lessons can help children develop emotional maturity. They can also help children relax and reduce their stress levels, so it’s good for their mental health as well. 

Improved cognitive abilities

Mastering a musical instrument requires children to remember a lot of information and think about different things simultaneously, so their brain gets a good workout! Their memory will improve as they have to recall melodies and notes, and read music, and they’ll also develop their multitasking and comprehension skills. Music lessons also teach time-management and organisation skills.

There are so many reasons to encourage your child to participate in music lessons at school and they’ll reap numerous benefits from getting involved and mastering this new skill. 

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