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The Early Signs of Dementia You Should Look Out For

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As we all get older, our bodies and our minds start to deteriorate. For some people, this happens sooner than others and this can be very hard to deal with. Some people ignore the warning signs of dementia early on as they don’t want to deal with the fact that their loved one is experiencing this disease.

However, it is always best to know about the early signs in order to deal with the problem quickly. Below, we’ll discuss some of the early signs of dementia that you should be on the look out for. 

Memory Loss

One of the most common signs of dementia and one that people recognise most is memory loss. Usually, patients with this disease will forget important details about their day and even their life. They might think that people who are no longer alive are still around and ask questions about where they are. Memory loss typically gets worse as the patient gets older, but it is possible to identify this early on. 

Confusion About Time

For many of the dementia patients who are currently in care homes like the Dementia & Alzheimers Care Overland Park KS, for example, confusion about time and place is very common. While many of these senior care homes are designed in a way to help these patients, it is common for them to forget where they are and when they got there. Confusion is an early sign of dementia and it is one that you should look out for. If you visit, you can learn more about how these homes help with this.

Lack Of Concentration

Have you noticed that a loved one is having trouble concentrating? This is a common sign of dementia and it is one that you should be checking out for. Yes, everyone has trouble concentrating every now and again but if this is a regular occurrence, it could indicate a further issue. There are some medical tests that professionals can do to check concentration in those who they suspect might have dementia. If your loved one is experiencing this, make sure to get them checked out. 

Mood Changes

Finally, you will find that mood changes can also be an early sign that you should keep an eye on. If your loved one suddenly moves from one mood to another, it might not be simply because they are unhappy. This is something that is commonly reported in patients who have dementia, and it can be difficult to deal with. Of course, it is not your loved one’s fault so try to be patient.

Watch Out

While some people die and never experience the symptoms of dementia, it is a very common disease around the world and across Kansas. It is really important that you know what to look out for when your loved one gets older so that you can get them the treatment that they need. 

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