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The New Fidget Toys Playground Craze – PushPopper From HGL #AD

fidget toys pushpoppers

Get ready for the latest fidget toys and playground craze!

From the company brought us THE playground craze year after year. Including fidget spinners, twerking llamas, unicorn poo and loom bands. H. Grossman Ltd has made a name from second-guessing what our kids will latch onto. Their newest creation is expected to take the UK by storm and again top of the charts to become the latest playground craze…


If you’re a parent of a child that has been attracted to the latest pocket money, playground crazes, or a parent of children with sensory processing, Autism and ADHD. You will know the know doubt know the benefits of fidget toys.

Check out my Calm Down Tool Kit Post which include Fidget Toys HERE

Although schools claim that fidget toys are a distraction, minor may it be.

Fidget Toys can help reduce anxiety and stress, enhance dexterity, improve coordination and fine motor skills and assist in the development of muscles of small hands. 

Fidget toys are appropriate for all ages and genders and most developmental abilities!

PushPoppers are strangely satisfying!

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a fiddly person. I’m guilty of clicking my pens, doodling and fiddling with things like blutac. I find it really threaputic.

You get a weird but pleasurable buzz.

One of our favourite fidget items is popping bubble wrap!

The PushPoppers replucate bubble wrap! But the benefit PushPoppers have over bubble wrap is that you can do it again and again! Pushpoppers are lines of bubbles that you push and then pop them back from the other side of the toy. Sounds a bit simple and dull but is strangely satisfying and unputdownable.

Perfect for stress relief and anxiety in all ages.

You might have noticed that it’s a massive global craze on social media and you can now buy them in-store and Online at Smyths Toy Superstore, Claire’s and ToyMaster!

Are you or your child a fiddler? Have you tried fidget toys?

*This post contains affiliate links if you purchase anything through them I may receive a small fee 

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