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The Protein Ball Co. Review

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The Protein Ball Co. are a UK based company producing healthy, high protein snacks using natural ingredients. Neatly packaged 45g bag contains six bite size balls. They are all gluten free and vegetarian with a couple of vegan choices too.

There is a range of 8 unique flavours with 3 clean protein sources to suit your taste, health and lifestyle. 

the protein ball co. box of 12

Coconut & Macadamia

The coconut and macadamia flavour balls are made with whey protein making them a great protein source for a quick snack. The coconut flavour is really powerful and fresh, with the macadamia nuts hiding in the middle adding a lovely crunch to the texture. These are really tasty!

Cherry & Almond

This flavour tastes exactly like Cherry Bakewell – delicious! I absolutely loved these ones, and I think I would’ve been even more excited about them if the flavour was actually named Cherry Bakewell. These are dairy-free as the protein source is egg-white and they provide a hearty 9g of protein per pack!

Cacao & Orange

The cacao and orange protein balls (my favourite) are also made with whey protein meaning they have a 22% protein content! The cacao provides a lovely deep flavour; it’s nice and chocolatey meaning it’ll kerb any chocolate cravings.

Goji & Coconut

I love that The Protein Ball Co offer such a diverse range of protein sources and that they have 2 flavours which are vegan-friendly, one of which being the goji and coconut flavour. 

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Peanut Butter

The peanut butter protein balls (my husband favourite) are to die for! (His words) They taste so authentic, almost as if I had just whipped them up in my own kitchen. They were extremely fresh with a lovely moist texture.

Lemon & Pistachio

The lemon and pistachio balls also contain vegan protein meaning there’s plenty of choice for vegans. This flavour is lovely and fresh thanks to the lemon. Tasted just like a lemon cheesecake. 

Raspberry Brownie

The raspberry brownie balls were absolutely divine! Made with pea and rice protein, making them vegan friendly. The mix of raspberry and chocolate was just right, again, like the cacao and orange, they will kerb any chocolate cravings!

Peanut Butter and Jam

Peanut butter and jam is a healthy twist on a classic American combination. Made with plant based protein and 170 calories per 45g bag. They taste just like those sarnies I used to have as a kid. 

the protein ball co. 8 flavours on show

The Protein Ball Co are available in supermarkets and shops such as Morrisons, Spar, Holland and Barrett and Amazon. They can also purchased online on The Protein Ball Co website. Where they offer a monthly subscription or one off purchases. 

The Verdict

These handy and not to mention, healthy protein snacks are absolutely perfect for a number of occasions, from lunchboxes, changing bags to gym bags. They make the perfect pre- or post-workout snack or just something to cure that sweet tooth craving.

All the flavours are absolutely delicious and they really taste authentic. Knowing that they are made with natural ingredients made them feel less naughty.

I love the packaging, especially as I feel that kids would be attracted to it which would encourage them to eat healthier snacks instead of reaching for the biscuit tin.

Finally, I love that the different flavours are made from different protein sources so there’s something to suit everyones tastes and nutritional needs and beliefs. 

the protein ball co. open bag of raspberry brownie 3 protein balls

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*The Protein Ball Co. sent me a Selection taster box in exchange for an honest review. 

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