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The Year I Didn’t Eat Book Review #Gifted

the year i didnt eat book cover

The Year I Didn’t Eat is written by Samuel Pollen, who is a fresh new voice and author in the teen fiction section.

The Year I Didn’t Eat gives an extremely honest and sensitive insight of first-hand experience of anorexia from a teenage boys point of view. Which I personally think is not only brave, but it’s also speaking up for men’s mental health. Fighting the stigma and making awareness that eating disorders are not only associated with girls. That they can affect everyone.

This book is raw and full of emotion, which I absolutely adore and respect, as again Samuel Pollen is breaking the stigma that boys and men can and are allowed to express their thoughts and feelings.

the year i didnt eat book cover
The Year I Didn’t Eat

Truly inspirational and breaking all the boundaries.

As a person who has had experienced eating disorders myself, I found this book very relatable. I do however feel that this book could be triggering for anyone who has an eating disorder or is in early recovery, especially when ‘Ana’s’ voice starts to surface. So please keep this in mind.

But, if I am honest, this is a very true account and experience of anorexia! It gives you a really good detailed insight into what you experience both mentally and physically.


Even though The Year I Didn’t Eat expresses the dark and lonely times related to the experience of eating disorders. There is an uplifting message, that recovery is possible if you allow those around you to help. This is especially important to understand for any teenagers – boys or girls – who may be going through difficult times themselves.

This book will have you engrossed from page one. It is easily read from cover to cover.

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*I received a copy of The Year I Didn’t Eat in exchange for a review.

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