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6 Things to Do Once Lockdown Ends

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The global pandemic has been, and continues to be, a challenging time for us all. We are unable to spend quality time with our loved ones from different households, our children are struggling with their education, and many people have even lost their income. 

Perhaps the best thing we can do to keep is going is plan some adventures for when everything reopens, and we are allowed out of our houses again! Here are some ideas of things you can look forward to when we eventually return to some form of normality:

A Trip to the Zoo

There are plenty of zoos and wildlife parks around the country that will allow you and your family to get some fresh air and have some fun together! If the weather is particularly nice, you could even take a picnic.

A Night at the Theatre

The theatre is great because there’s usually something for everyone, from old fashioned musicals to modern comedies, or even a hard-hitting political drama. Team it with a fancy meal out for a night to remember!

An Afternoon of Tea & Treats

A classic English tea with scones and finger sandwiches, in a traditional English teashop, has been missed by many. Meet up with the girls and have a well-overdue catchup over the tasty treats once the lockdown ends!

A Mini Getaway

Whether you prefer a seaside holiday or a cosy log cabin somewhere, we’re all definitely in need of a little holiday, even if it’s local. Get something booked in advance before they become unavailable or increase their prices!

Throw a Party

Who hasn’t missed a good dance during the pandemic? Why not think about having a little party at your place with some good food, good company and good music!

A Visit to the Museum 

Museums are a great source of entertainment and learning for both adults and children alike. If you’ve missed these hubs of past and present, then maybe a trip to the museum is just what the doctor ordered?

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