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7 Things You Must Take To BlogOn

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BlogOn is my number one go to Blogging convention. The countdown is on to the next BlogOn event. 4th May 2019 at Hotel Football in Manchester.

This will be my third time going. Over the last two BlogOn events I have picked up a trick of two on must have things you need for BlogOn.

Let me share them with you.

Phone (and camera)

Now, if you’re anything like me, I don’t go anywhere without my phone. Phones are life! You’ve got the beauty of it being an extra camera, instantly follow others on social media, tweet and instagram the brands in the brand dens competitions, to win some amazing prizes.

Portable charger (extra camera battery)

I found this so handy. Like I said above, i’m never without my phone. Always snapping away or typing out a note to remind me of something. Your phones battery can soon drain. With the added bonus of a portable charger theres no worry of your phone dying on you.

Money for raffle tickets

I’m not talking loads of money, but all im saying is you will want to be joining in on the raffle at the end of the day. The prizes are epic! You will not be disappointed.

Massive suitcase

I’m not joking when I say ‘Massive’! If you’re staying over, you come to BlogOn with your over night essentials, change of clothes. But make sure you have Loads of space left in that suitcase, because the goodie bags you receive from BlogOn are out of this world! No, like, really, Im not over reacting. Ask anyone that has been. They are packed to the brim and you literally have to shoehorn them into your suitcase.

Business cards

Although these aren’t essential as majority of the brands in the brand den are happy to take written information. But, if you have business cards, it just gives a more professional aura about you and a visual prompt for the brand PR.

Back pack

I love a good bag to carry in my belongings. But what i’ve found is having used a shoulder bag or tote is that it can get pretty awkward and heavy when walking around the crowds. This year i’ve purchased a small backpack. Just big enough to put in my phone, portable, charger, purse and camera. My thoughts are, i’ll be hands free and the bag wont be in my way.

Dancing Shoes

Be prepared to hit that dance floor and throw some shapes! The BlogOn party is an absolute blast! Especially when Paradone provide some party games for us all to play. I’ve got to say it gets a little competitive. Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, right? It’s a great opportunity to let your hair down, catch up with old friends and to make some new ones.

If you have been to Blog On, What are your must have things?

For more information on BlogOn check out their website at

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