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3 Tips For Getting In Shape After Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy and birth take a toll on your body and afterwards, you will notice a big difference in the way that you look. You will be carrying some extra weight and your body won’t be as toned as it was before, even if you exercised during pregnancy. 

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In the first days and weeks after your baby arrives, you’ll be focused on your parenting duties and you won’t give a second thought to the way that you look. However, after a few months, you might decide that you want to get back in shape again. But regaining your pre-pregnancy body is very difficult and a lot of new mums find it disheartening when they don’t get the results that they want. If you are struggling to get in shape after giving birth, here are a few tips to help you reach your goals. 

Walk As Much As Possible

You don’t need to start an intense workout routine every single day if you want to get in shape. In fact, walking is one of the best things you can do, so get out and walk as much as possible. You will have to wait six weeks after giving birth before you can safely exercise again but walking is perfectly safe and you can get started as soon as you feel up to it. So, start walking as often as possible after you give birth, and you can maintain a healthy weight. Try counting your steps or tracking the distance and then increasing it a little bit each week as you get stronger. 

Consider Surgical Options 

Plastic surgery treatments are one of the easiest ways to get rid of excess weight and get the toned look that you want, but a lot of people don’t like the idea of it. There are a lot of myths about surgery and people are put off by horror stories, but modern techniques are not that invasive and you won’t have to worry about long recovery times. Instead of listening to horror stories, get some advice from a doctor because plastic surgeons give you the truth about surgery, including the potential. Some treatments, like coolsculpting, don’t require you to have invasive surgery at all. Even though it’s not for everybody, you should do your research about surgical options before you write the idea off. 

Focus On Strength Training 

People think that cardio workouts are the best way to burn fat quickly, but if you focus on strength training combined with short cardio workouts, you will see better results. Strength training burns a lot of calories and building muscle increases your metabolism, which means that you burn fat quicker. Strength training is also the ideal workout option for busy mums that only have a few minutes to spare here and there. It’s much quicker to do a few rounds of squats and lunges than it is to go out for a run. You can do quick exercises throughout the day while you are doing other things, so it’s much easier to fit around your normal parenting duties. However, strength training puts more stress on the body, so make sure that you take it slow and make exercise a part of your overall routine for getting back to normal after pregnancy. 

Shifting your baby weight is always going to be difficult, especially when you are trying to fit exercise into your busy schedule. But if you stick to these simple tips and persevere, you will notice an improvement soon enough. 

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