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10 Top Tips To A Stress Free School Morning Every Mum Should Know

10 Top Tips To A Stress Free School Morning Every Mum Should Know

The kids are in for a shock, those lazy mornings lolling around in pyjamas are over. Alarms are set for 7am!

It only means one thing….it’s time for the kids to go back to school! 

Mums everywhere are dreading the daily battles they are going to encounter by against the clock with constant shrieking of “I said put your socks on”.

The key to a Stress Free School Morning is establishing a routine that works for all of you, and then sticking to it for the next six weeks until half-term and another well-deserved break.

1. Lay out the kid’s clean clothes the night before

Steer clear of early-morning battles by pre-planning clothes and food. If your children kick up a fuss about wearing grey socks instead of white, long sleeves instead of short or finishing their porridge, it’s really not worth the stress. Just have the clothes you know they’ll wear and the food they like ready and waiting.

10 Top Tips To A Stress Free School Morning Every Mum Should Know

2. Do all your school admin the night before

Check schoolbags for stray school letters and pockets for yet more school demands for money, so you’re not made to feel like the worst parent in the world just as the school bell is ringing.

Get together dinner money, signed school-trip letters, sick notes etc – and put everything in each child’s schoolbag by the front door.

3. Allow time for yourself

This does not include “just five more minutes” in bed, you know that this will just turn into oversleeping followed by chaos.

Whatever you need to face the world, whether it’s a hot shower, a cup of coffee or five minutes’ peace, leave yourself enough time.

10 Top Tips To A Stress Free School Morning Every Mum Should Know

4. Know each child’s diary

Whether it’s after school activities, football,  music lessons, swimming practice or dance class. Note down when your children needs to be and where.

If you want to be super organised,




Laminate it and stick it on the front door or fridge with each child’s name and activities for each day is deeply impressive.

5. Prepare for ‘show and tell’

If your children have “show and tell” – one of the many parent nightmares of school life – don’t leave it until morning for them to decide what to take

To date, my children have presented to their classmates a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy and a purse of copper coins.

6. Do homework the night before

Make sure your children’s homework is completed the night before at the latest and, put it in their schoolbags.

No one wants to be doing maths or Googling questions first thing in the morning, nor do you want to be doing the school run for a second time clutching their homework.

10 Top Tips To A Stress Free School Morning Every Mum Should Know

7. Stick to a routine

Make sure your children know what you expect from them every morning and stick to that routine, whether it’s that they should be fully dressed before breakfast or that they should brush their teeth straight afterwards.

My personal top tip for the easiest way to a pain-free morning is no TV. That is, unless you want slow-motion children who can’t answer a single question and spend 15 minutes putting their shoes on.

8. Prepare packed lunches

Do you really want to be staring at the inside of a fridge looking for something, anything, to put in a sandwich?

If your children have packed lunches, prepare as much as you can the night before.

10 Top Tips To A Stress Free School Morning Every Mum Should Know

9. Lay the breakfast table the night before

Make time to eat together, rather than allowing a ‘grab and go’. According to the Office of National Statistics, one in five children skip breakfast, even though studies show that a morning meal is essential for good concentration levels.

Train your children to help before and after breakfast. There’s no reason why you should be left with a bomb site of a kitchen, wiping cereal and jam smears off the table.

From the age of five, children are capable of putting dishes into the dishwasher or sink.

10 Top Tips To A Stress Free School Morning Every Mum Should Know

10. Keep calm

It’s so much nicer for everyone if you start the day in a calm and relaxed mood, rather than stressed and upset.

By sticking to routines and being organised this should just fall into place.

You don’t want to be angry because you’re stuck behind the rubbish lorry or the bus is late.

Try to walk when possible. You get time to talk to the children and they’ll be more likely to sit still at school.

If you are late, don’t blame the children. Everyone has the occasional bad morning, but if your children are repeatedly late for school, it’s up to you to start a more organised morning routine.

But by following the hints and tips above this can be avoided and you could have a stress free school morning

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10 Top Tips To A Stress Free School Morning Every Mum Should Know

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  1. September 4, 2018 / 1:35 pm

    These are great tips, not sure why I haven’t thought of making the breakfast table the night before – definitely a time saver! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

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