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TONKA Metal Movers Review :: AD

tonka metal movers

For almost 70 years, TONKA trucks have been a reputable house hold name when it comes to durable toys. With TONKA’s notion that “a toy shouldn’t break just because a child plays with it,” they’re strong, sturdy and long lasting. Often passed down through the generations in families. They’re built to last.

It is known that back in the 1970s, TONKA even had an elephant stand on one, just to prove how strong and durable their toys really are!

Now you have to admit, thats pretty impressive!

TONKA has launched a new range of toys Tonka Micro Metal, Tonka Metal Movers Combo Pack and Tonka Metal Movers Mud Rescue Sets.

We have been kindly gifted these new Tonka products to review.

The first moment my boys knew I had Tonka toys to review they couldn’t wait to open them up!


Suitable from 3 years+ Tonka Micro Metal are miniature versions of all your favourite vehicles with Micro Metals! Made with ‘Tonka Tough’ materials, with a mystery vehicle to add to the surprise. Tonka Mini Metals construction vehicles are great for introducing children to independent play as they develop their fine motor skills and imagination.


Suitable for 3 years+ Tonka Metal Movers Combo pack come with 2 Tonka metal movers Tonka Tough Dirt, no-mess kinetic sand, which adds an extra sensory and realistic aspect to play. Mimicking real construction sites.


Tonka metal movers mud rescue toy vehicles are stuck in the mud and need your help getting them out. Adding an extra challenge factor for the children to build a can-do attitude. The Tonka tough mud no mess mud is a synthetic compound which looks and feels just like mud that real-life emergency vehicles drive through! Easy to mould and clean, help the diggers and dumpers toys escape to finish the rescue.


Provided Hours Of Fun!

Tonka Metal Movers And Tonka Mini Movers provided my boys with hours of fun and adventure with the addition of the no-mess mud. This in my opinion is an absolutely brilliant addition to traditional Tonka play.

Adding a sensory and a more realistic factor to their play. I overheard my boys imagination going bonkers as they demonstrated their own experiences of what they know about the construction industry and their skills to work together to incorporate teamwork and planning.

I also have the reassurance and trust of Tonka’s well known durability to know that these products were built to last. That no matter how much banging and crashing they come across, they’re still going to be in perfect playable condition.

For more information on the Classics range from Tonka check out the Tonka Tough Event where there are lots of fun activities, info and the chances to win prizes.

TONKA Toys available from all good independent toy stores, JLP, Shop Direct, Mud rescue, Amazon and The Entertainer.

*This post contains affiliate links if you purchase anything through them I may receive a small fee 

*This post contains affiliate links if you purchase anything through them I may receive a small fee 

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  1. February 19, 2022 / 6:01 am

    Got to know a lot from this!
    Everything was so relatable.
    Thank you for sharing!

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