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Top 10 Things Never to Say to a Mum of Boys

Top 10 Things Never to Say to a Mum of Boys

Being a Mum of boys. 5 to be exact. Yes you read that right….5 BOYS! I have come across some, shall we say ‘small minded’ comments. Over the years, at one point or another, I’ve had the below comments said to me. It does bother me that some people think just because you have all boys, you aren’t happy and you long for a daughter.

Of course, yes it would be amazing to have a daughter but do I feel like I’m missing out?

Absolutely not!

This is my life and I love being a boy mum! Children are a blessing and I’m grateful for the 5 handsome boys I have been given.

So here are my Top 10 Things Never to Say to a Mum of Boys

1. “Boys are so much easier than girls.” – Really?

2. “I bet you wish you had a girl.” – No, I’m ok with all boys thank you!

3. “Boys will be boys.” – (face palm and shaking head) I hate this statement.

4. “Wow, all boys?” – Yup, that’s what I said….ALL BOYS!

5. “Don’t let him cry, toughen him up.” – Boys cry too you know?

6. “Your boys are crazy.” – Yes, they have lots of energy.

7. “You have your hands full.” – Yes, I’m aware of this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

8. “They make so much noise!” – Noise? What noise? I don’t hear anything!

9. “I’m so glad I have all girls.” – Really? Let’s see if you say that when they hit their teens!

10. and the #1 thing to NEVER say to a mum of all boys…..

“You have to keep trying for a girl!” – Nope, not at all five boys is good.

Mums of boys, Do you have any more to add? Let Me Know In The Comments Below. 

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  1. November 10, 2019 / 1:09 pm

    Love this post! I have one boy, which is plenty enough for me ? but I was talking to someone with 3 boys once and someone she didn’t even know that well said to her “Awww were you trying for a girl?” Yes I know it’s a shocker, but her response was fab-u-lous! “No I didn’t need to, I gave them girls names and I’m growing their hair so that I can put them in plaits!” I wish I’d seen the women face!!!!

    I do get asked if we’re trying for another, my response is usually “Yeah but you gotta have sex for that. I can’t be bothered with that.”

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