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Top Tips for Helping Your Kids with Maths

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Maths – your offspring may love it or they may hate it but one thing’s for certain, it’s an essential skill and has to be studied. Helping your child to learn more effectively is the key to making maths more fun. A child who enjoys maths is, of course, far more likely to succeed in it.

Starting young

When your child is small, it’s a great idea to begin introducing mathematical problems early on. The trick is to present them as a fun thing to do. Not as a problem or something that must be done, but as more of a game. This way, they will equate numbers with a good time!

I spoke with a pre-prep school in Kent and they highlighted the importance of fun and learning going hand in hand. Some fresh ideas for introducing maths to smaller children are as follows:

Song and rhyme

There are many children’s’ songs and rhymes which rely on counting as part of the fun. Rhymes and songs which incorporate counting can be a good way to help your child become confident with numbers. Here are some good options:

  • Once I caught a fish alive
  • Five green speckled frogs
  • The animals went into the ark
  • One potato, two potato
  • Ten little fingers

Also, try incorporating counting into your child’s day. Counting stairs, counting trees or cars can help to cement the numbers in their minds. Try helping your child to actively count as they undertake various simple tasks. Counting out their food as it’s placed on the plate, counting buttons from a tin or cups in a cupboard. Keeping the child physically involved will help them to retain interest.

For older children

Learning about more complex number rules does not have to be tricky. Cooking and baking allow for children to learn about measuring and weighing. Another fun activity is to set up a ‘shop’ at home. Real or play money can be used – and your child can make labels to price up their ‘goods’ ready for you to purchase.

If your child is struggling at school, make an appointment to speak to their teacher so that you can underpin at home, what they’re learning at school. Working together with teachers is a great way to support your child.

For teens

Whether your teen excels or struggles with maths, it’s vital that you support them. Teens who do well can do even better if given the opportunity to attend specialist maths clubs or summer schools. 

For those who struggle, a tutor can be invaluable – building confidence and cementing the basics is so important.

The most important aspect of maths for many children is confidence and concentration. A child who understands how to concentrate and apply themselves will excel.

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  1. September 16, 2020 / 12:18 pm

    Hi my name is Jason. Great method on how to teach mathematics to kids. We need to make learning fun and easy for our kids and your way of doing it is amazing.
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